There’s no magic solution that will make your business successful – no matter what the marketers of those miraculous programs you see pitched on Facebook say.

At the same time, a fantastic Mastermind group can be a pretty damn effective tool for growing your business and catapulting it to the next level.

In fact, in one of her episodes of Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy Porterfield said:

Sounds pretty great, right? But how do you know if a Mastermind Group can help YOU and  YOUR business take a leap to the next level? Here’s an easy way.


Take This Quick Quiz

Go through these statements and mark down whether you feel a “HELL YES” or  a “NOPE” about them. Don’t overthink it! Intuitively choose one or the other.

1.  I sometimes feel stuck in my own head and wish I had someone to run things by and talk things through.

2. I can feel isolated and like I’m going at it all alone. I’d love to connect with more humans.

3. I can feel burned out and tired from hustling so much. I often think “screw all of this.”

4. I have nobody to hold my ass accountable to my business goals

5. I’ve taken the courses and joined memberships, but I haven’t implemented a lot of the shit I’ve learned.

6. I’d like to have more clarity and simplicity in my business.

7. I’d love to be around others who are a few steps further along in their businesses so I can learn directly from them.


Tally up your results. If you have more “HELL YES” answers than “NOPE” answers, a Mastermind can help take your business to the next level.

One of the critical components to a Mastermind being a huge boost is whether or not you are ready for it.

If you’re not ready, it won’t be all that helpful. But when you are committed to showing up with a generous nature and an open, receptive spirit, a great Mastermind will support you and give you a frame for a massive burst of growth.