Lucky you! You get to listen in on real-life Mastermind conversations. In this episode, you’ll hear from an Entrepreneur CEO sharing a business challenge.   

Then a group of smart business owners will give that person nitty-gritty, honest insight and practical advice to solve that problem.

Be prepared for your own “ah-ha’ moments as these entrepreneurs share their no-bullshit experiences of what’s working in business today.



Amanda Boleyn is the founder and CEO of She Did It Her Way. Amanda first got her taste of entrepreneurship when she left Corporate America after 2 years post college. Since 2012 she has worked with large business across the globe facilitating leadership and sales training. In January 2015 Amanda launched She Did It Her way that then started as a stand alone podcast and now serves up written content and hosts an annual event, She Did It Her Way Summit.

AMANDA’S DESCRIPTION OF HER  HOT SEAT TOPIC: Looking to brainstorm different ways to make She Did It Her Way memorable for attendees
IT’S IMPORTANT TO AMANDA  BECAUSE: It is one of our staple events and ways we generate money for the business. More importantly people are investing their time and resources in us, so it better be darn good.









Erin Flynn: Erin has been making websites since 1999, and started her own web design and development company in 2012. Now, her primary business is helping other designers and developers navigate the difficult waters of entrepreneurship by providing courses and guides to teach everything from how to start a web design business to how to deal with nightmare clients. Check out Erin’s Episode 27 here.

Nicole Pond: Wife, Mom to 3 girls, sister, Former Special Ed teacher, Lover of problem-solving. Founder of The Yellow Bird all natural skin care company that uses pure and simple ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, to nourish skin and promote health. Check out Nicole’s episode 26 here.

Chris Beltran: Chris is an award-winning graphic designer who has worked with some of today’s top online entrepreneurs that run six to seven figure brands. Check out Chris’s Episode 29 here.

Brit Kolo: Brit Kolo is the founder of JAM Marketing Group, where she operates as a Marketing Coach for creative female entrepreneurs with service-based businesses. You can check out Brit’s Episode 9 here.

Rachel Kay Albers: Rachael Kay Albers is a designer, digital strategist, and dog lover based outside Chicago. She heads up RKA ink, a web design and digital marketing studio for thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. Check out Rachel’s Episode 17 here.




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