In This Episode: Exactly How a Mastermind Helped My Business 

You’re in for a treat with this bonus episode! You’re going to hear from four amazeballs entrepreneurs about their experiences being in a Mastermind. They’ll share nitty-gritty details about how it’s helped their business and them personally.

You might be surprised with some of the things that they share because it’s the kind of stuff that you don’t find talked about all that much. It’s the behind-the-scenes scoop. 



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If you’d rather read the transcript of their experiences, here you go: 

Bond: Hey there Kickass friends. I’m Bond, owner of the Ad Strategist, where we help people stop guessing and finally start getting results with their Facebook ads. I am here today to talk to you all about masterminds. I get so excited when I say that word because they have done so much in my own life and business. In fact, I am actually home, back today for the first time at the home office after returning from a mastermind retreat in Hawaii. Oh yeah.

Let me hit you with my top three reasons why masterminds have made such a big impact in my business, the first thing being clients. Every single time that I’ve joined a mastermind, not only is there the benefits of meeting new friends, seeing people that are further ahead along in their own business, what usually ends up happening is we all get together in the same room, we’re sharing ideas, we’re jamming, we’re just chatting all the things about life in business, and it usually leads to conversations like this, “Hey, I could help you with that. I know how to do that.” “Hey, somebody on our team is able to accomplish that.” It turns into people creating client relationships, referral relationships. There’s a lot of business that is actually done in the room at masterminds. That is a huge benefit.

In fact, I have joined masterminds upwards, oh my god, it sounds so crazy out loud, but upwards of $50,000 to be a part of the mastermind. But guess what? Every single time without fail we have had clients come out of that mastermind experience which then equals the revenue of what we invested to be there in the first place, if not more. We’re breaking even on all those mastermind moments along the way.

Now I’m not gonna say that just by joining a mastermind you’re immediately gonna get clients, but what I am saying is the relationships that you’re building in the room have the potential to become something more. Of course, as the owner of the Ad Strategist who loves spreadsheets and nerding out on data, I had to start with the monetary ROI of masterminds. But of course there’s different ways that masterminds have helped me personally to grow in my own business.

That leads me to point number two. Number two is all about learning from and surrounding yourself with people who are ahead of you in the business journey. Man oh man, let me tell you, the power of sitting in a living room on a patio by a pool wherever your mastermind’s hosted, sitting there and soaking up the knowledge from other people who have been there and done that for the things that you want to accomplish in business and life, it isimmeasurable. 

There’s really something special about surrounding yourself with the type of people who get it, who have really strong and positive mindsets and who have been where you want to be. Take the time to find a mastermind where you’re not the smartest person in the room, because let me tell you, being there and knowing that these people have accomplished what you already want to do makes it so much cooler to ask them questions about the journey. It’s not about hypothetical “What would you do to accomplish X?” It’s, “Hey, tell me about your experience, your real results, the true data in accomplishing what you’ve accomplished, so that I can take those lessons and apply it to my own business.”

The third thing that I love about masterminds, and this might be my favorite, is that you truly build lifelong friendships. That’s it. It’s so worth it just to find your people. Find the people that light you up. Find the people that you can just talk to about absolutely everything under the sun and hey, masterminds then allow you to have the coolest experience.

I kid you not, we just got back from this mastermind in Hawaii where as part of our mastermind experience we had a day of hot seats, we had a day of business building, we had a day where we were talking all the things business and then do you know what we did? We went on an adventure where we went snorkeling and we got to essentially swim with dolphins. I say essentially because my group didn’t get to stop to swim with dolphins, but we were in the boat and these dolphins were just swimming next to us. It was absolutely incredible. The other boat from our mastermind actually got to get in the water with these beautiful creates. So like, what? A mastermind experience gave that to my own life experience. Hands down, they are so, so worth it.

Those are my biggest takeaways for you if you’re considering joining a mastermind. It all comes down to the three biggest things that they’ve given my business, which is clients, aka ROI, it is learning from people who have been there and done that ahead of you, and it’s all about the friendships and the lifelong experiences that you then get to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Jason: I’ve been a part of two masterminds. One, a paid mastermind, with multiple six and seven figure business owners and I’ve also been part of a peer mastermind where me and some of my peers got together. There was no cost associated with it, just good old mastermind talking about business. The thing that I love about being in a mastermind, first being in a paid mastermind, it just really challenges your commitment level. It really challenges you to step up your game. You’re around other big players, everyone’s committed because they put their money where their mouth is at. You’re around people that are proven, they are documented to have gotten results so it’s not a beginner’s club so to speak. That’s a good thing, that’s the cool thing because you can really learn some great things from those people.

The other portion of it though in being in a peer-led mastermind group is there’s something magical that happens when you’re part of a team and you guys are holding each other accountable and you’re showing up every week and you’re talking about what you did, what you’re working on. You’re running things past your group where you might get stuck at and so there’s something very powerful in doing that type of mastermind where you know every week you can’t just show up and not have done anything, because you don’t want to be the weakest link, you want to be able to contribute and you also want to be able to bring new problems, new issues to the group because you’ve taken action on the old problems and now you’ve hit a new milestone.

I say whether in a peer-led mastermind group or paid high-level mastermind group, the most important thing to remember is that two heads are better than one, especially when those two heads are headed in the same direction and trying to better themselves. I would employ anyone and support and push them to join their own mastermind group.

Brit: Hey everybody, I’m Brit Kolo. I’m a marketing coach at JAM Marketing Group, and I would love to share with you two main reasons why my mastermind group has helped my business this year, not even just helped, but really been a game changer.

The first reason that I can’t not say is the accountability factor. I think that’s a common one that people might say and you might think that would be a part of a mastermind group, and I am definitely here to tell you that it is a major part. A great example of how accountability has helped my business this year is back in April I decided, I really challenged myself to make 30 big asks in my business across the month of April. One big ask a day. For several reasons, I did this, that I really needed to get out of my shell and get more comfortable with asking for what I wanted. I told my mastermind group that that was my plan, no matter how silly or crazy it sounded. Halfway through the month, a lot of stuff happened, a new project came my way, I went to a conference, I was out of town, and I got a little behind on my 30 days of asking, but because I knew that my mastermind group … they knew what I was supposed to do.

I was keeping track of it in a thread in our joint Facebook group, and I knew that I had to get in there and I had to finish those 30 asks, and I did. I could go on a huge rant about what that month did for my business, but it was really interesting to see once I got over the hump of “Ugh, I’ve got a lot of excuses, I’ve got a lot of reasons not to finish this,” but once I got over that and I kept going, those were the asks that really made a huge difference in my business and I don’t know if I would have kept with it had it not been for the accountability my mastermind group offered me. That’s definitely number one.

Number two that I’m experiencing really hardcore right now is when I’m working on a project for my business that really has the potential to just exponentially grow my company, I am no longer putting my head down or spending a ton of time at my computer without looking up and getting feedback. I’m now at every step of putting big together like a course or just any kind of project, a website, I’m able and I feel support all the way around to say, “Hey, could you guys check this out? How does this feel? Would you do this differently?” Whereas before, I would make the whole thing, make it this big huge thing, and rely on going live and launching it to see if it would actually work. Now I’m getting feedback so much sooner in the process and I’m able to course correct so much faster, so much sooner in the process, and ultimately come out with a better thing in the end.

You can just kind of see how the success trajectory of that early feedback, total game changer. It’s a total game changer for me. I’m so thankful for Kickass Masterminds and all the women in my mastermind group for providing me both the accountability to keep going and the feedback as I’m working on projects to help me stay on track and help me go in the right direction and give me their perspective. It’s just so valuable. I’m so grateful for that and those are definitely my top two reasons why being a part of a mastermind has incredibly helped my business this year.

Tiffany: Hey, my name is Tiffany Lee Bymaster, also known as Coach Glitter, and I’ve been building my business in the online space for just a little over four years. After that first initial year, which I call the survivor year, I quickly realized I needed to actively seek out other like-minded, goal oriented, go-getter entrepreneurs who simply understood, they just get what it is that I’m doing because they’re doing the same as well.

I knew that I no longer wanted to be a lonely solopreneur. That’s what I call it, that’s what I teach inside of my course. It could be a really lonely, isolating place, so I knew that being a part of a mastermind was something that I wanted to do quickly into my business. I sought out other people and I looked at and I observed what they were doing, other people that I looked up to, other people who I saw that they had really highly successful businesses, but even more so and more importantly than that, they were genuinely happy people and that’s what I wanted as well. A lot of us, we do feel like a lonely solopreneur in that we don’t have other people who truly get what it is that we do, even if we’re fortunate enough to have family and friends who support us, but if they’re not in it, it’s kind of difficult to even explain what the heck it is that you do.

Being a part of a mastermind group, I’ve been in one, for now, my second year and it has been a game changer for me because now I found those people. I found my people who get me. I found people who not just pushed me to level up, but they do it in a loving way. They show me by demonstration, by all the amazing things that they are creating, taking just something from an idea and a concept to bring it to life. They show me what is possible. It makes you open your eyes. Being a part of a mastermind group with these high-level thinkers, people who are more accomplished … that’s the thing, they’re so accomplished that they show you what is possible and how small you’re playing. It doesn’t make you feel bad in any way, it does the opposite. It makes you level up. It makes you ask yourself why not you?

Being a part of a mastermind, yes, you get to bounce off ideas with each other and it’s all the tools and the tricks and the latest and the greatest and the marketing and this and that, yes, that’s a part of it, but more so than that, the biggest parts that have made the biggest impacts in my life, and my business, being a part of a mastermind has truly shown me what true friendship is, the people that you trust. It’s the people that you can say anything to and it’s that open free space where you know that nothing’s ever gonna leave that space, that we respect each other so much that we’re giving each other real, true advice. That we’re not just holding back, and it always comes from a place of love. I didn’t have that in my first year.

Now I feel like my business isn’t just a fly by night thing. This isn’t just luck. I just didn’t launch the first, second, third, fifth time and it was all luck. I really believe that I have a sustainable business and I have a plan and I have a future and that kind of feeling, even though that’s very new for me, that kind of feeling honestly, I don’t think that I would have survived this long had I not been in a mastermind. I’m no longer in survival mode. I’m in thrive mode. When you mentally feel that much better about what it is that you do, you not only show up for the people who are in your audience, your clients, your students, your followers, you show up differently. You are being a different person. You are being the person that not only inspires and motivates them to take action, but you’re showing them now what’s possible.

Mastermind I cannot recommend enough. I’m personally in one that’s highly vetted. We had to do applications and interviews and meet minimum requirements, and you know what? By the way, most of the time, especially in the beginning when I first started in this group, I honestly felt like the dumbest person in the room. If you are currently the smartest person in the room, get yourself quickly into another room. Again, this is not to make yourself feel badly at all, it’s the opposite. It’s to show you that you’ve been playing small. Your potential is so huge. Your potential for what you can create, the potential for who you can impact is so much greater than the game you’re currently playing, so get into a better game with better players and you will level up your business so much faster.

Sara: How good was that? I love hearing from people, their experiences in masterminds. As you heard, there’s definitely some themes of commonality, but there are also some very personal things that people get out of being in a mastermind group. Now if you loved this episode, all of us here at Kickass Masterminds and the entrepreneur mastermind show would certainly appreciate a review. If you could leave us a review, we would be forever grateful. Thank you so much, and we’ll see you in another episode. Bye.



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