Lucky you! You get to listen in on real-life Mastermind conversations. In this episode, you’ll hear from an Entrepreneur CEO sharing a business challenge.   

Then a group of smart business owners will give that person nitty-gritty, honest insight and practical advice to solve that problem.

Be prepared for your own “ah-ha’ moments as these entrepreneurs share their no-bullshit experiences of what’s working in business today.



Meg Casebolt is a web designer, SEO strategist and the founder of Megabolt Digital. She helps female entrepreneurs succeed online by equipping them with beautiful websites and powerful SEO strategies that fit them better than Catwoman’s suit (without the wedgie). Meg’s clients are the everyday superheroes who are too busy saving their corner of the world to worry about things like websites and SEO (even though they know they desperately need rescuing). Meg geeks out on finding ways to make growing your online presence simpler and more effective. With a website that showcases your superpowers and an SEO strategy that helps you get found by the people who need you most, you’ll be invincible.

MEG’S DESCRIPTION OF HER HOT SEAT TOPIC: How do I expand my partner network? Currently, all my marketing is directed towards business owners, not towards service providers, because I’ve had most of my success with service providers through personal relationships. I’d like to reach more, new service providers … but also not re-adjust ALL my messaging to be focused on them, because eventually (in 6-9mo) I’d like to add some SEO training for business owners to my offerings, so that’s the audience I’ve been focusing on growing & nurturing.
IT’S IMPORTANT TO MEG BECAUSE: Providing my services as a partner decreases my client acquisition time/cost + increases my referral network. (And right now as a busy mom of 2 small kids, I need to maximize my working hours!)





KAT HALUSHKA :Kat Halushka helps coaches and consultants attract more clients and create a stable income by positioning themselves as a leader and expert. She has spent the last several years mastering Meetup groups and creating a lead generation system called Meetup Tribe. Check out Kat’s Episode 35 by clicking here.

Erin Gibson: Erin Gibson works with creative entrepreneurs to create beautiful and functional online small businesses through ecourses, websites, and smart systems. Check out Erin’s episode 37 here.

Femi Olasupo: Femi has worked alongside industry experts and seen firsthand what amazing results are possible with the right team, systems, and strategy. Now she’s taking what she’s learned and helping a wider pool of people experience new levels of success with online business.



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