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ON THIS BONUS EPISODE: Come along with me on my Mastermind retreat

I had the opportunity to go on a really cool adventure along with a group of fellow business owners and I’m taking you along. Check out the video or audio. And read my five biggest takeaways below. 






I’m back in my home office and it has been about a week since the event. When I got home, I got so sick. I think it was the fact that I was on the go from 8:00 in the morning until past midnight, it was just go, go, go. There was a lot of energy, a lot of stuff going on, and I think all of that just completely wore me out. When I got home, my body was like, “No más. I need a break.” So it’s been about a week. I’m feeling a lot better and would love to share with you my top five takeaways from the event.
1. Tighten up our KPI tracking and actually use that information to make decisions in the business. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. Those are the things in your business that you can measure and that give you an indication of how your business is doing. Data!
For example, with our podcast, The Entrepreneur Mastermind Show, one of our key initiatives. Therefore, tracking the statistics around the show is important to give us an indication of how we’re doing from a numbers perspective in driving business.
We keep all of our KPI tracking updated in a Google Sheet. For example, there’s a tab for the show, YouTube, and there’s one for our email list, as well as all the other things that are important to track in our business. I’ve assigned out those specific tracking tasks to someone on my team. All of that stuff gets updated on Mondays, and then I have set aside 30 minutes on every single Tuesday morning to review our KPIs.
I want to make sure that I’m staying on top of the business, not only from my feelings and intuition. I also want to know the specific numbers, so that’s why KPI tracking is really important to us. We have already gone down the road of getting that going and making that a critical part of the way that we do business every single week.
2. Document and organize our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). We had very little of this at the start, but we are working to make sure we have written out and have videos of how we do business.
Right now, we’re tracking that in Asana because I want to get my arms around what that looks and feels like so that it can be transferable to other people in the company, and then I think we’re going to move to the software called SweetProcess.
Documenting and organizing our SOPs is so important for allowing us to hit that next stage of growth, and allowing the structure and the process of the business to actually grow with us.
3. Documenting our funnels. We’ve started this, but I want us to be documenting and being very purposeful about starting with cold audiences (people that don’t know about Kickass at all) and how we’ve managed that journey all the way through buying.
4. Our email list is more important than ever. I met people who were growing multi-million-dollar businesses that said, “Our number one asset is our email list.” So I’m going to double down on growing our email list and providing really great content for that.
We really want to look at paid traffic as a tactic to grow the email list, but not Facebook ads. I know Facebook ads are super sexy and everyone’s talking about Facebook ads now, but we are going to experiment with Google, both search word ads and also YouTube.
Because here’s the thing, people are on Google searching for something. They’re out there searching, “How do I find a mastermind?” “Where’s a mastermind near me?” and “What is a mastermind group?” and I want to capture those people.
I don’t want to just cross my fingers and hope that someone sees our ad on their Facebook feed, or on their Instagram feed, and is going to be in the market for a mastermind. I really want to be specific about it because that’s a term that people are searching. People are out looking for masterminds on Google and I want to capture them.
5. The most important thing that I learned was to simplify. I learned so much from people running multi-million-dollar companies that had one product, or maybe a suite of products that were all very tightly-knit and very closely related, and they had basically one funnel to sell those products.
I don’t know about you, but I tend to over-complicate things and be distracted by the latest shiny object, like, “Oh, we should try this, and we should try this.” That’s not at all what I learned from these amazingly successful people that I spent time with.
They have very simple offerings, a very simple process to buy them, and it was very understood by their ideal customers how that worked. So we are going to work, here at Kickass, on simplifying, simplifying, simplifying as much as we possibly can to make everything crisp and clear.
The point is to become masters at selling what it is we offer. If we can practice the same thing over and over, and get better and better and better, then all of a sudden we are mastering our marketing. We’re mastering our sales. We’re mastering our delivery. We’re not always beginners at trying the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. It’s pretty obvious to me that when you master something and that you’re really amazing at it, you are going to do so much better than if you’re always learning, and starting over, and being a beginner. So we are very committed to simplifying and becoming masters in what it is that we do.
BONUS!  have one more bonus takeaway that I learned, and that is:
This event was really heavy on creating those connections and building those relationships. I mean, we had three meals together. We had all this kind of open space and time to connect and have a glass of wine, and to talk about our businesses, our life, what cool stuff we wanted to experience, our families, and all of that kind of stuff that mattered.
It wasn’t just discussions about business tactics. It was very much discussions about being a human, being a good person, and making a contribution to the world. When you know those things about other people, what motivates them, what makes them tick, what makes them excited, and you like them, you actually want to go out of your way to help them.
And business came out of that. I had someone come to me out of the blue and say, “I learned about you from Jake at Baby Bathwater. He said you’re a really awesome person and let’s do some business together” That has happened multiple times this week, and I am starting to make connections with the people that I met to do things that I know would help them in their businesses.
So the little bonus learning here is, it really is easier to do business with people that you are friends with, that you have a heart connection with, and you have that soul connection with that you want to see succeed, and you want to do what you can to help them succeed.
So those are my learnings and my takeaways from this event. It was an amazing experience and I’m super glad that I went. I learned a lot, and I really encourage you to get out from behind your computer screen and connect with people who are inspiring, people who are doing things that are different than you, and people who have different thoughts. It is so good for your business to put yourself in that kind of environment.


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