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ABOUT TYLER: Tyler James is the founder and lead educator at ComixLaunch, where he helps writers, artists & publishers crowdfund their dream projects, and is the publisher of ComixTribe, a comic book, graphic novel, and children’s book imprint. He’s also a writer, artist, award-winning game designer and has a Master Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

TYLER’S MASTERMIND HOT SEAT TOPIC: How do I get more done in less time? How do I figure out what makes the most sense to outsource that will have the biggest return and impact on my business?
IT’S IMPORTANT TO TYLER BECAUSE: I always feel like I’m the bottleneck.







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“Hey, this is Tyler James. I’m the publisher of the comics, graphic novel, and children’s book media company called ComixTribe, and I’m also the founder and lead educator of Comix Launch, which helps writers, artists and publishers crowdfund their dream projects on Kickstarter and beyond, and I had the honor of being a part of the Entrepreneur Mastermind Show, a popup mastermind group.

This was great because I’ve been a fan of the show since it launched. I really just love the format and I love the conversations, it was a real honor to be a part of that, so thanks to Sara and her team for inviting me.

Now, in terms of how I felt during the mastermind and about the experience of being on the show, it was actually a great one for me. Over the past year, I’ve actually been facilitating a few mastermind groups of creators that are working in the comics and publishing space. I’ve been the facilitator, I’ve sort of been in Sara’s role, but this was an opportunity for me to jump out of that and get a little bit outside of that comfort zone.”

“Now, during the mastermind, some of the things that I wanted to talk about were things related to delegation, taking more off my plate, making sure that I’m focused on the right tasks, and playing more in the visionary role from a creative business. I don’t want to put everything on my shoulders, which I think is a tendency that myself and many other entrepreneurs tend to struggle with. It was good because there were some ideas that came from that mastermind that I probably wouldn’t have come up with myself. One that was great was related to sort of writing out your own job description, so that was one of my action items.

Then another action item was actually reviewing a time study that I did. It’s a great idea. It’s one of those things that you hear people say all the time, like record what you do for a week and just write down everything. It’s like, all right, I did that, but then actually blocking out the time to do the time study… that was something that I had sort of put on the back burner. I think the extra layer of accountability in a mastermind group will keep you focused and accountable to actually completing some of those tasks that you know are important but not necessarily urgent.

That’s one of those things that is very easy to just put things off. There was no one that was going to hold me accountable. I wasn’t going to hold myself accountable to either revealing that study or writing that job description, but knowing that I had to record this was helpful. I actually went back reviewed the time study. I looked at some of the areas where I was spending time that I probably shouldn’t be, and have now sort of put it on my plate to delegate some of those tasks to people that I’m working with.

Then also writing the job description, it was actually good to do that after reviewing the time study stuff, because there are a lot of things in writing an ideal job description for myself that was on the time study that probably should not have been. That was eye-opening. Now I have what I’m really doing on a day to day basis, and here’s where I’m trying to get to, so that will be a work in progress, but I think it’s definitely always a great exercise to have a clear vision of where you’re trying to get to so that you can actually get there someday.

That’s some of the progress that I’ve made on the hot seat items in the mastermind. Another thing that I wanted to do was get more out of the people that I already have on my team, and also potentially add to my team where that makes sense. One thing I did do over the past couple of weeks had a great call with one of the people that I’m already working with that’s doing good work for me.

We just worked out a few new things that he can be doing to even better support the creators that we work with, so a new customer service support initiative that he’ll be doing monthly, recurring, which is something that will be coming off my plate and will actually be getting done, which I think is really good. Then we also talked about a special project for 2019 that actually we’re both really interested in and my goal for that is to make it so that it’s something where I’m the visionary and I’m pushing it, but I’m not necessarily implementing the whole thing. It’ll be fun to delegate more and delegate at a higher level of responsibility for a project like that, so I’m excited to be working on that.

Now, before I go, I do want to share one surprise bonus that I received from going through the Entrepreneurial Mastermind Show experience as a guest and mastermind participant. One of the things is that I got to see how Sara and her team operate the logistics of pulling together a show like that.

Herding entrepreneurs together are like herding cats a little bit, but she really has a strong system not just to get all the entrepreneurs to be prepared and to show up and to do good work, but also in the followup. I was very impressed with her ability to just roll out the red carpet for the guests on the show, to be organized, to connect and make connections.

I think that is a big part of the value that Sara provides to the world of entrepreneurs like us, and building a community around the show. She is doing a tremendous job with that, so as a podcaster, and as a community builder myself, I am definitely going to borrow or steal some of those ideas and apply them to what I’m doing. If you have the opportunity to come on and be a part of one of these pop-up masterminds and be a part of the show, and if Sara asks you to be on, definitely say yes. It’s going to be well worth the experience for you.

Now, lastly, again, I want to thank Sara and everyone listening to this show for just being a part of my whole experience and journey here. If you are someone who has a dream project that you’d like to fund on the number one crowdfunding platform for creators, which is Kickstarter, well, I’d love to help you learn more about the mindset strategies and tactics that work on that platform.

While I primarily focus and work on creators in the world of comics, art, writing, and publishing, the truth is the principles that I teach can be applied to any of the 15 categories that Kickstarter supports. I firmly believe that every entrepreneur including all of you listening to this should launch a project on Kickstarter within the next year in order to energize and expand your fan base, to bring in funding for one of your dream projects, and to really establish yourself on a channel with over a million credit cards on file and give yourself the opportunity to get in front of a lot more people through the power of a Kickstarter launch.

If that is at all interesting to you, if you’d like to learn more from me, the easiest thing that you can do is just subscribe to the Comix Launch Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also find us over at ComixLaunch.com, or you can follow me on Instagram, @TylerJamesComixLaunch. So thanks so much for letting me be a part of the show Sara, and everyone for listening. I really appreciate it, and I can’t wait to see what you all launch next.” 







Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder, swimwear designer, entrepreneur, writer and kiteboarding coach. In 2007, Sensi tentatively signed up for a kiteboarding lesson in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and immediately fell in love. Just two years later, she applied to be a kiteboarding coach, relocated to the East Coast, and started collecting accolades. Check out Sensi’s Episode 55 going live November 12, 2018.

Lindsay Padilla is the ex-professor-turned-entrepreneur behind Build a Better Beta, an online program that helps influential experts release courses to their audiences quickly and easily, so they can focus on their teaching. The Better Beta Framework was born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college and the ridiculous amount of learning she’s done in all things education. With this unique background, she is also the rambunctious host of the Academics Mean Business Podcast and Community, which shares the journeys of other academics who have made the leap into entrepreneurship. Check out Lindsay’s Episode 56 going live November 19, 2018.

RM Harrison is a pivot consultant and the author of The Pivot Map. She helps women entrepreneurs navigate career change to cultivate fulfilling, sustainable success. After fumbling face-forward through a major pivot of her own, RM was determined to use her hard-learned lessons to help other women entrepreneurs maneuver the uncertainties of career transition—avoiding the same mistakes and unnecessary setbacks that she experienced—on the path to pursuing their fullest potential. When she’s not glued to her laptop working, she enjoys brunching, people-observing, and scouting for the best craft beer around her new hometown of Austin, TX. Check out RM’s Episode 57 going live November 26, 2018.




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