Marketing is a powerful force whether it’s used to sell your product/service…or to find romance. 
Five years ago, when I was online dating, I came across a dude’s profile that read that it was written exactly for ME and only me. 
It was so spot on that it was both intriguing and creepy at the same time. 
That dude was a smart marketer. He was specific AF about what he was looking for and how to attract it. 
And it worked. 
Four years later Scott and I are still together. 
See, some great marketing can get you a lot of things in life – including love. 
That’s why we’ve compiled the hottest marketing tips from past episodes of The Mastermind Podcast into a BEST OF: MARKETING episode for you. 


1. How go grow your email list
2. SEO vs. ads
3. Tips on getting more referrals
4. Best practices for launches



Katie Momo: It’s the curse of knowledge thing. We are experts and know our subject matter so well. We’re so efficient what we know, so it takes no time for us to just dive into jargon land and assume that people know what we’re talking about. And we’re all guilty of it, and it’s hard to rein that in, but we must for clear communication.

Katie Momo: Pricing is also a psychological thing. I buy purses for $400. I don’t even think about it. I’m like, “Sure, whatever.” But then I don’t really value it as much. So you want to price your products/services for the psychological value of it, as well, and by increasing your prices, people will put more weight into it. Then they’ll, ultimately, get better results because they’re actually putting action into it.

Elise Darma: In my experience, I grow my list when running promotions and giveaways. It grows the fastest when I’m putting money into Facebook ads. I’m paying $1 or two per person that comes onto the list which is worth it for me and my business.

Sara Christensen: I think the most important thing that people can do for their success, especially online, is picking your marketing and sticking with it. Because the more that people keep jumping around like, “I’m gonna do live video now,” “Ooh, and then I’m gonna do a Facebook show, and then I’m gonna do a podcast,” the less success they have. The more people do that, the more they’re always a beginner at everything. And let’s be honest, you suck at everything when you begin it. The beginning blogs that you do are terrible. The first podcasts you do are not good. The first episodes of Facebook Lives you do are embarrassing.

But you have to keep doing them, over and over and over, to get better at them. And once you do them for three months, six months, 12 months, then you’re really, really good at it. But unfortunately, the nature of entrepreneurs is to not stick with something for the long term, because something new comes out, or you get bored with that format. Pick your shit and stick with it.

Elise Darma: If you have a budget, and you don’t have a lot of time, Facebook ads. But if you have time, then they should be playing the SEO game, whether that is for Google or YouTube. And I highly recommend choosing one or the other. So if you’re going to choose written words and target Google, have keyword rich blogs, constantly, consistently going out through your website. If you’re going to choose YouTube, have those keyword rich videos going out. That’s how I like to organize it. Choose one of those, writing or video. 

Femi Olasupo: For partner referrals, a simple thing to do is once a month write letters of appreciation to the people that you’re already working with.  Just say, “Hey, this is what I would love to happen in our relationship, going forward” and maybe map it out for them. I think that’s just a really good way to show appreciation for the people that you already have a relationship with, and strengthen that relationship, and then, just be upfront and honest about how you want to move forward with them.

Erin Gibson: I think, in this case, where you’re asking for a partnership, it has to be personal. It can’t be, a mass email. It has to be personal.  I get e-mails sometimes from a couple of different freelancers that I’ve interacted with.I got one just the other day from a girl who is copywriter.  She just e-mailed me personally, and she said, “Hey, I’m having kind of a lean month, and I’m looking to fill a couple of slots. Do you or anyone you know need copywriting?”

And cold e-mails go a long way if they’ve got some moxie. Just fire off some really ballsy e-mails. Make it personal. Nobody wants to feel like they’re part of a campaign, right? Nobody wants to feel like everybody’s getting the exact same e-mail.

Meg Casebolt: i need to have some sort of strategy in place to get referrals starting with a wish list of partners. Then carving out time and putting it in my schedule to reach out to them, and not just having it be kind of an ad hoc, “Oh, I just saw this person on Instagram, let me reach out to them.” But really making it an overall campaign 

Femi Olasupo: I met my client a year and a half before he became a client. I met him at a conference and out of genuine interest, I stayed in touch. I would write to him and say “Hey, how’s it going? I saw this on your Facebook page. That’s awesome. I see you have people and content, that’s amazing. How’s it going?”

He had me look at his sales page and said, “I really want your input and want to hire you.” I did not ever think that it was going to turn into a working relationship, but it has, and it’s been awesome. I keep up with people, just out of interest in their projects, and curiosity about what they’re up to, whether it’s on social media or e-mail.

Kyrsten Sherwood: Have you thought about doing a summit? Because it’s, for us, it’s been both really profitable, but also huge for our marketing. It gets the word out to thousands of people. It’s our best marketing effort aside from the sponsorships and partnering up. And summits are truly partnering up with people in like communities. Each day of the summit has a different topic. As far as monetizing it goes, what we do is we sell an all-access pass. The summit is free for 24 hours. You can watch each of the videos, so it’s free education. 

But then, for those who want to be able to look back on it, and get extra resources that we put into the all-access pass. And we have a big giveaway that we do for all-access pass holders only. 

Steph Gilbert: I’m using my retreats as a lead magnet, but I’m making a profit from the retreats. I’m also upselling them at the retreat and then downselling after they leave the retreat.

Kirsty Brisco: Publish blogs consistently. If you say you’re going to publish once a week, publish once a week. It helps so much with SEO. Also so some good solid keyword research and really utilizing that because organic search is not dead. I know, as a consumer, I love going on social and I love meeting people through social. But when I’m looking for something, I always Google that shit!

Erin Gibson: I think that there is something to be said for urgency in launches. There is such a thing as too short. For instance, I see some people run five-day launches, where it opens … it’s Monday morning, it closes Thursday or Friday night, and I think, in a lot of situations when you’re basing your strategy specifically on webinars, that’s a very tight turnaround. Especially if you’re counting on a certain percentage of people won’t ever show up live, they’re only going to watch the replay. So you need to allow enough time to get them on the list, get them warmed up, and have watched the webinar, or the replay, and then still pull the trigger.

I think that people have gotten a little bit wise to webinars. They know that there’s a pitch. Even the ones that are really valuable. I usually tend to lean towards the word “workshop,” rather than “webinar” just because it sounds a little less salesy.

But I think it’s always going to be very hard to drive somebody to buy after three points of contact: they see your ad, they sign up for your webinar, and then they plunk down cash. It’s hard to sell to somebody that’s not already warmed up to you.


Brit Kolo of Shares Her Top 5 Marketing Tools: 

1. Loom. Loom is really great for recording a screen share and then sharing that screen share out via a link. So instead of using any kind of other video software and having to then upload that video to Dropbox, or G Drive, use Loom. You record your screen, your webcam or just your audio, and it gives you a link. You can send that link out to anybody that you need to get it to. It’s just so much easier.

2. Keywords Everywhere. This is a Chrome extension. When you install this extension into your browser and every time that you put in a search into Google, Keywords Everywhere is going to show up on your screen and show you how many people also searched for that keyword phrase in a month. It’s going to show you the current cost per click for that keyword phrase. It’s going to show you how competitive it is to rank for that phrase. Plus, on the side, it’s going to show you a list of related keywords and phrases for coming up with blog post titles. 

3. Linktree Pro Version. And there’s a free version. This allows you to link to multiple places in your Instagram profile. I recommend going with the Pro version here because it allows you to schedule different links to go live at different times.

So, if you’re like me, you got a lot of things going on during the week and you might want to, on Monday, share out your latest podcast episode. And then, by Thursday, you’re sharing out your latest blog episode. Or maybe somewhere you’ve been featured. You don’t want all of those links clogging up your Linktree. You want one on one day and a different one on a different day, but you don’t want to go in every single day, and have to change out those links, right? If you have the Linktree, the Pro version, you can schedule those links to go live, and then you can schedule them to go not live. So you don’t have to get in there every single day. 

4. ThriveCart. I love ThriveCart because I just opened up an affiliate program for my products and ThriveCart allows me to create a really great user interface for cart checkout pages. So when someone’s buying off my website, they’re seeing a ThriveCart checkout page. It’s super clean, super easy to set up, and ThriveCart has the capabilities to track all of your affiliates, and automatically pay them out. So it’s made creating an affiliate program for all of my products so easy, and that’s like, marketing ninja stuff right there.

5. Dubsado and specifically Dubsado Workflows. Dubsado is a CRM tool. It’s going to help you manage your clients and all of their information.  You want to track your conversations with them and even affiliates or your collaboration partners.

If you’re in business, you probably need a CRM tool. And I think Dubsado does this so well, and specifically, their Workflow Capabilities. You can set up smart workflows for recurring things that just tend to happen, like onboarding a new client, selling to a new client, welcoming in a new affiliate into your affiliate program, working with a collaboration partner, whatever that is, these are happening time and time again.

If it’s happening more than once, it needs a system behind it and Dubsado Workflows allows you to create that system of communication, so you’re not constantly having to think about, “Oh, did I follow up with that person, and did I get back to that person? And I really need to send this to this person. When am I gonna do all this?”

As long as you’ve set up those Dubsado Workflows, it’s going to do it for you. Which is so key. It’s like having a team member, honestly. 

ONE MORE! Because if we’re talking about marketing tools, let’s make sure that the marketing you’re doing is the best, absolute best marketing strategy that you could be putting into play. If you want to tap into what your best marketing strategy is, go to That’s my business! 

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Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.

Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

You'll also be subscribed to our mailing list and hear from us when we have something juicy for you. You can unsubscribe anytime if we don't earn our place in your email box.

Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.