“What’s possible for my business and life is bigger and better than I could have ever even imagined – and it’s all unfolding now.”-Brit Kolo


Meet Brit Kolo 👇🏽

That’s Brit, second from the right, with her Kickass Mastermind: Tracy, me, Nicole, Rebecca, Jacq, and Stacey.

Brit is one of our rad members at Kickass Masterminds. Brit is a speaker, podcast host, and founder of Marketing Personalities. She provides business owners with their best (and worst) marketing strategy based on their Myers-Briggs personality type so that they can do marketing that feels good to them and their audience. 

We chatted about her transition from 1:1 marketing coach to the CEO of a business that she’s positioning for acquisition in this bonus episode.   

Here are some nuggets of gold you’ll hear that you can implement in your business:  

– How to get good at ASKING for big things

– How to determine and achieve your big vision​​ for your business

– How to get support and accountability from people who know and care about you and your business




Sara: Welcome to The Mastermind Podcast. This is Sara Christensen, your host, and CEO and Founder of Kickass Masterminds. I’m so excited to have this conversation today. You guys, one of my very favorite people is with us. I can’t wait for her to share what’s going on in her business, what she’s working on, and all of the amazing stuff that she is putting into the world.

So we are going to have a conversation and learn about Brit Kolo’s business: MarketingPersonalities.com. So welcome to the podcast! Brit, you have been here before but in our regular Hot Seat format.

You have made such amazing progress and are doing such cool things with your business, and I’d like to think that Kickass Masterminds had a little part in helping you to develop what you are working on. So tell us about your business, and maybe even a little backstory on where you were at when we first started working together when you first joined Kickass Masterminds going on two years ago now.

Brit: Yeah, for sure. So the business that I run now is MarketingPersonalities.com, which is a website that anyone can go to. It’s really for entrepreneurs and small business owners to go to and find out what their best marketing strategy is based on their Myers Briggs personality type. Right now it’s a digital product based type of company, and I sell digital products. That is not where I was, like a year and a half, two years ago, when I joined Kickass Masterminds.

Back then I was a marketing coach. I was working one on one with people, which was great for a time. Out of that experience working with several different people over time all at once with different types of people in different types of businesses. It was within that atmosphere that I came up with MarketingPersonalities.com and I made and identified that pattern between best marketing strategy and Myers Briggs personality type. But, you know, a marketing coaching business and digital product-based business.

Those are two completely different animals. And I have completely pivoted and shifted my entire business really, it’s not that even the same business. I shut down the old and I created the new and I transition through that all while I was in a Kickass Mastermind. So my mastermind group has for sure been a huge part of even taking a leap once I had identified the marketing personalities, framework and connection and pattern at the from the very get-go.

They’ve supported me in actually making it a thing. And then seeing it through committing to it and continuing to iterate, iterate, iterate. And as you know, Kickass Masterminds has been a huge part of the big, big vision for Marketing Personalities as well. So it’s just all the way around, Kickass has gotten their hands in there and helped me so much.

Sara: Awesome. Well, I, of course, love to hear that. And I get a front-row seat to this because I facilitate your group, which is super rad. I have to tell everybody that I try to keep my desk really tidy.But one thing that is always on my desk is my marketing personalities.com report. I keep it inside of this leather binder that I have with me always. Because it’s such an awesome resource to remember this is who I am, and this is what comes naturally to me. These things don’t come naturally to me, and I don’t need to focus on those, especially in the online space.

There’s a bazillion marketing strategies and tactics, but not all of them make sense for us. So I want to thank you for that. It is one of the very few things that I keep on my desk. I remember the exact moment when you had, let’s call it a million light bulbs above your head, about Marketing Personalities when we were at my house for the retreat last year. Can you tell us about that?

Brit: Yeah, and I’ve been able to relive that since and that was a really cool moment. So yeah, in August 2018, I had just launched Marketing personalities.com the month before on July 1, 2018. Then we all had come to Austin, and we’re at your house for the Kickass Member retreat.

The week had been amazing, and it was the very, very last day of the retreat. I hadn’t had the big aha moment, not that that always has to happen. But I remember sitting in your dining area after hearing from you and my other mastermind sister Tracy, and Scott talking about selling businesses and selling pieces of your business. And I sat back in my chair and I realized, “Oh, that’s what I’m doing here. I’m creating a shortcut for another larger company.” 

Sara: It is super helpful already in its infancy, and it’s great, but if you want a bigger vision than that it’s possible and other people have gone before you and people will support you in that. So I want to give you a lot of credit for even stepping into that because it, it can feel almost embarrassing sometimes to verbalize those things right? And say, This is what I want, and it’s giant. And then it takes a tremendous amount of courage to chase after that, and you’re doing it.

Brit: Yeah, and I have to say, I’ve always been a visionary, I’ve always believed in better believed I could do better. Sure I have bad days where I’m like, “I suck.” But you know, I’ve always, always wanted to go bigger and better. And so that’s, that’s in me. I don’t think it’ll ever not be in me. But I will say my mastermind group, and now even people in Kickass who aren’t in my group have supported me in saying those big things.

So I’ve been able to practice it. I had a moment just a couple of weeks ago, where I said out loud, exactly my big vision. And someone new to Kickass was like, “Wow, you said that with such conviction, like, I believe you?” And I’m like, “Yeah, because believe me, I’ve been saying it for over a year now.” Because these people won’t let me not say it. Right? These people allow me to repeat it.

Sara: That’s exactly right. And we’re gonna hold you accountable to that, and we’re going to do everything in our power to help you to achieve that. Tracy, who’s in your group calls it the “love tsunami.” It’s the tsunami of support and accountability and all that kind of stuff that washes over you, even when you don’t think you need it. Like you mentioned, you know, not every day is full of energy and pep. We all have those ups and downs. But it’s having that momentum and that push from the people that are around you to hold you into that those words that you’re speaking.

Brit: Yeah. And that shared belief too. Because sometimes in the beginning, when you get the download when you get that intuitive hit like, “Oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” and you don’t even fully believe it yet. Then your mastermind, people alongside you, can walk along and see this for you and with you. That is so much of my journey with Kickass is people seeing things in me before I did. And then I’m able to then live into that and start believing it’s huge. 

Well, that and having people that you trust saying that to you? They’re not just “Yes, Men” right? These are people that they will call you on your bullshit, you needed to be called on your bullshit. So when someone you trust and have a relationship with says to you, “I believe in you. And you can do this.” It’s so much different than some random on a Facebook group saying that.

Sara: Exactly. That’s a great point. Well, let’s shift gears a little bit here. Can you tell us about when you first opened your business when you were a marketing coach before Kickass? Where did you seek out support? And what did that look like? Where were you getting questions answered? Where were you validating ideas? Where were you getting accountability? And we’re like, how did or didn’t that work for you so that you sought out us and sought out a mastermind?

Brit: Yeah, in the very beginning, even before I had left my job and I was thinking about starting something, I was in Facebook groups, mostly free. One of them was a paid community, just a little bit of money a month kind of thing around other entrepreneurs. And that served me for a little while. And then I didn’t. I never went down the route of hiring a coach for very long. I worked with a money coach, I worked with a relationship coach, a life coach, but not like a business coach, simply because I didn’t feel that was the right move for me. And like relying on just one person to help me with this, I just felt like that wasn’t, I don’t know, just wasn’t right. 

So I did get into a couple of group programs over the years and try those out. Again, like I got stuff out of the curriculum, some of the curriculum that they gave me because I had vetted them hardcore, like, at that time in my business, like, just starting up infancy, like just trying to figure everything out. I had stuff to learn, and I could get down with a curriculum. The group atmosphere, though, wasn’t always my favorite. It was just anybody that could pay for the group program and that was their way of being “curated.”

Sara: I think we all have had the experience of someone offering advice that’s just crazy, or they don’t have context for your business, or, let’s be real, they don’t care about you. So with the advice that they give, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what they throw out there because they don’t have skin in the game. And people are well-meaning. I mean, I think people are well-meaning but without that context, it’s just, it’s out of context.

Brit: Yeah, and like I said, I’ve always wanted to go bigger, I am not a status quo kind of person ever. I never will be, I don’t want to live like that. And so I met you, I think at the end of 2017, I knew that you were starting up Kickass. I was following the progression of like, okay, we’re getting groups together where we’re doing this thing. Just from the way everything that you said: it would be curated, the next level, and like these people want to go bigger, we’re not talking about just building a business, but it’s also stepping into that CEO role and, and taking it to that next level. All of that stuff stood out to me, I’m like, “that’s it.” It’s not just one person speaking into me, I don’t need curriculum anymore. I’m done. I need people to run with. And that’s what Kickass has been for me since day one.

Sara: I think that’s a great description is a mastermind, specifically, a Kickass Mastermind is great for people who want a diversity of input, right? Like, you want to hear lots of different ideas and feedback. And then you get to decide what you want to go within your business. You’re not just getting one person’s perspective or one person’s take on things. Then you’re at the point where you will have learned a lot and you don’t want to learn the next thing, but you want to implement it and you want to get shit done, and you want to take action. 

I think those are two really good points where a mastermind makes sense for people. I always tell people early in their entrepreneurial journey, learn as much as you possibly can, totally immerse yourself in all of that learning stuff. But when you make that tipping point to where you want to get shit done it, that’s a really good time for a mastermind. It’s like your pack that’s running with you and your shoulder to shoulder all working on accomplishing cool stuff.

Brit: Yeah, exactly.

Sara: Tell us about the cool project that you’ve done twice now regarding asking for what you want and getting that support from your mastermind group to do that project. Tell us about that because I love it.

Brit: Yeah, me too. This was inspired by my Kickass experience. Last year, it was around March 2018. You had told us a couple of stories like in Voxer about how you had asked for something and got it, and it was kind of surprising. Then a couple of the other members chimed in, like, “Oh, yeah, I’ve asked for this.” Surprisingly, they’ll you know, you’ll get that “you don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

So I remember hearing those extra messages and, and thinking, “I have no idea how to ask for anything.” I never would have even thought of asking for this or that or whatever. Simple things and big things, right. Like in business, we have big things to ask for. We have to pitch ourselves for podcasts and guest blogs and features and speaking opportunities, and I knew that I wanted to do that stuff. I realized I didn’t even know how to ask for extra water on an airplane. 

Sara: I don’t know if you this is your perspective, but I don’t want to inconvenience anybody. It’s always like, well, I can’t be the one that’s an inconvenience. I don’t want to inconvenience anybody else. I’m realizing, and Scott has been a big part of this, that I’m not inconveniencing people, they want to help me. Sometimes it’s a blessing for me to ask for what I want. Because then somebody can help me with that. And we’re both happy.

Brit: Yeah, exactly. It’s a really interesting dynamic when someone can just simply kindly very kindly ask for what they want in need. Back then, or early 2018, I realized, I had no idea how to do this. So April 2018, I decided I was going to ask for something big. I called it “the month of big asks” where I asked something big, every single day of the month. That was all it was.

That was all based on what felt big to me. I couldn’t just ask for something that I would regularly ask for, I had to kind of go out of my comfort zone to ask for something. Some of these were business-related. Some of them weren’t right. And just to build that muscle. And I tracked all of my asks. And the responses I got, even when I didn’t get a response.

Through that experience, I just got used to asking for help, money and for an opportunity, whatever. And so I kept it going and then I did a similar thing in this year 2019. Some of my mastermind sisters did it along with me, and I think we all grew from that. Because we’re all able to every couple of days be like, “Hey, I just asked her this. Can you believe it? I got a yes.” That’s so it’s so empowering to be able to say what you want, or “This is the person I need to talk to,” and get that. I don’t get what I don’t ask for, so let’s go. And that’s so empowering. To me, it really is. And it builds your confidence. I could hear it in people’s voices.

And it’s such a confidence builder that you then, you can ask for something bigger next time, right? Once you finally get comfortable asking for the entire can of soda or an extra bottle of water on an airplane, then you can ask for the next thing because you get used to the discomfort of the possibility of hearing know. And once you can work through that you can ask for anything.

Yeah, and when you pair that with this incredible synchronization and abundance of the universe that we believe in. And my mastermind group, and just like when we ask, it’s so exciting, because we’re just living into more of the person we know we want to be and we’re called to be. It started with these. It started with realizing I had never asked for a full can of coke on an airplane. And now it’s like this big huge thing of like, no, this is me stepping into my true so big thing. So it just started with a little ask, but to be able to say it, share successes, and also share this stuff that maybe didn’t work out, but that you learned from.

Sara: So that’s super rad. Now I’ve heard you say that Kickass is the best investment you’ve ever made in your business. Can you tell us about that?

Brit: Yeah, I’ve said it nearly from day one. It’s by far the best investment I’ve made in my company. And myself. I mean that for real.

Every single time I get a reminder email that my next Kickass payment is due, I’m like, “Yes, awesome. Take my money, please.”

Because I know that that investment is giving me an ROI not only in finances, like financial ROI but in every other kind of energetic ROI. There is more, like the spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, all of that energy that goes into Kickass, I get back tenfold.

It doesn’t always show up on a spreadsheet. Most of the time it shows up in those in-between moments, where I realize I’m not lonely anymore. I’m not in this by myself anymore.  I have a group of humans ready and willing 24 seven, to help me with anything I need help with.

Like it’s out of control support that I didn’t even know existed. And it allows me to move through business. Life just life in general with more confidence, knowing that I am stepping into my best company and the best life possible. There’s no price tag on that. Best money I’ve ever invested. Let’s go. Let’s do it again.

Sara: Amazing. Well, that makes me feel so good. Because I am serious about making sure that there’s a good ROI on our masterminds. And our masterminds are an investment at $10,000 a year. They’re not $30,000 or $50,00 or $100,000 a year which some other masterminds are because I want to make sure that people are getting a return on investment and they’re staying in it long term.

You’ve been in our masterminds for nearly two years and I think you can agree with me that it gets even better over time. The relationships get deeper, you know each other more, you’re developing more as humans like all of that stuff is juicy or over time so I want to make sure that it’s at a price point where people can stay in this.  Jacq, your mastermind buddy always says “Kickass for LIFE.” She says that she’s not doing business without Kickass anymore. 

Brit: Yeah, I won’t either. I don’t want to do business or life without these people. It is it’s Kickass for life. It’s these people for life, and  it makes me emotional because it’s not even about the money. Yes, it’s $10,000, and it should be taken seriously. But at the end of the day, it’s not about money. There’s not a price tag that you can put on these relationships.

It does get better over time. As does any relationship we go through we’ve gone through so much together not just in business, but also in life. Like we share everything with each other. When it comes down to the end of the day, I have ride or die humans in my life that I know have my back.

And for sure when I look back on the person I was when I started with Kickass and who I am now, there’s no freakin’ way I would be here without my Kickass Mastermind. There’s no way I would be this person right now had I not been in Kickass. The way that I think, the way that I speak, the way that I believe is bigger and better. Today’s bigger and better is like way bigger and better than any other day prior and very much because of Kickass. So yeah, it’s a whole life thing.

Sara: It is a whole life thing. Well, thank you for sharing that, Brit. We didn’t talk about what questions I was going to ask Brit ahead of time, I just said: “we’re going to have an honest conversation.” So that was not a plant at all.

Alright, well, we’re going to wrap up here Brit, any last things that you want to share with someone who’s maybe thinking about joining Kickass Masterminds or struggling with the investment or not knowing how it’s going to affect their business? What would you tell somebody who’s thinking about joining us?

Brit: Well, I will say that I knew I needed more support in my company and I knew I wanted to go bigger.

I didn’t know how badly I needed this until I got into it. Honestly. I got in and I was ready, but over the time that I’ve been in Kickass, I often think about how different my business would be without it.

Like I have moments where I’m like, “what would I have done if I didn’t have Kickass at this moment?” And I just can’t even think of it. I can’t even go there. I didn’t know that that’s what I was stepping into when I signed up for Kickass and I committed.

So if you’re thinking about joining, you can look at the list of things that you get: the hot seats, the Voxer group chat, the people, curation, the retreats, and it’s all amazing. There’s even more than all of this stuff, things you don’t even realize you need yet.

So I just encourage you to open yourself up to that possibility and allow yourself to step into an experience like this. Really. So when it comes down to it, I haven’t regretted it. I don’t know anybody that has regretted it, honestly. I want more people who are the right people to get into this because I think it is business changing and life-changing.

Sara: I agree with you 100%. And we have applications open right now through August 2019 at Joinkickass.com So if you think Brit’s experience is cool, and you would like to experience something like that as well, I highly encourage you to apply. Let’s have a conversation and I will shoot you straight and tell you whether I think we can help you or not.

So thank you, Brit for being on. This was fun. Alright guys, thanks for listening. And again, the applications are at Joinkickass.com and you can find Britt and her amazing report that again always sits on my desk at MarketingPersonalities.com. Thanks, everyone. Bye Bye for now.


Brit is a speaker, podcast host, and founder of Marketing Personalities. She connects business owners with their best marketing strategy based on their Meyer-Briggs personality type and offers marketing intensives that provide amazing action plans.
Instagram: marketingpersonalities



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Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

You'll also be subscribed to our mailing list and hear from us when we have something juicy for you. You can unsubscribe anytime if we don't earn our place in your email box.

Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.

Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

You'll also be subscribed to our mailing list and hear from us when we have something juicy for you. You can unsubscribe anytime if we don't earn our place in your email box.

Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.