So you want to join a Mastermind Group and stomp on the acceleration pedal for your business growth, huh?

You crave that structure and accountability. You want input on solutions, resources and contacts. You’re hungry for a support system and community.
Good on ya!
Now how do you find a Mastermind that will provide all of those things?

Here are 3 Steps to Find a Mastermind

There are three basic types: coach-lead, DIY, and managed peer masterminds.
A coach-lead Mastermind is most often times a group coaching program that’s just been called a “mastermind.” There’s usually not much analytics put into matching the group. The structure of the group and input follows that coach’s teachings. These tend to have a high price tag as you’re paying for direct access to this coach.
DIY Mastermind Groups typically form when an individual recruits acquaintances from a Facebook group to team up and participate in a Mastermind. Offline it could be someone gathering up business contacts. Most times these are free and you kind of get what you pay for. The matching of the group isn’t strategic and there’s little structure for the group being productive.
Managed Peer Masterminds are groups that are analytically matched for the best connection between the participants and professionally managed with a proven structure by a company that’s sole focus is Mastermind Groups.  Kickass Masterminds is this type of group.
Each of these types of Masterminds has their own positives and negatives. For a deeper dive into the three types and pros and cons of each, CLICK HERE
Coach-Lead Masterminds
Seek out coaches that you like and find out if they run a Mastermind Group.
Some coaches that have Mastermind Groups are Russell Brunson, James Wedmore, Michael Hyatt, Joe Polish, Jadah Sellner, Selena Soo, Jaime Tardy, Adriene Dorrison, and Zack Spuckler. This is not a complete list.   
Often times these groups will be available to start once or only a few times each year. Most have some sort of an application process.
A lot of times, the coach will hand select people from their network of contacts or their pool of star students from their courses, programs, or memberships.
DIY Masterminds
Because these are ad hoc and organic, they’re pretty hard to find.
Ask about DIY Masterminds in Facebook groups and in memberships. Post on social media that you’re looking to join a Mastermind Group. Search the hashtags #mastermind, #mastermindgroup, #masterminds.
Managed Peer Masterminds
Well, you’ve found the best Managed Peer Mastermind here in Kickass Masterminds 😉
There are very few other companies focused on Masterminds.  Some do just matching. Some teach others how to run their own.
A few others are Sandi Krakowski, Mastermind Jam and Rethink Central.
No matter what kind of Mastermind is the best fit for you, please take some time to evaluate if that particular group is a good for you or not.

Here are some questions to ask before joining:

  1. Upon what factors is the group matched?
  2. What’s the commitment length of the group?
  3. What’s the structure of the group?
  4. Who is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing the group?
  5. What if I don’t jive well with the group?
There are more questions that you can ask to determine if this is the group for you or not.

Click here to download the complete List of Must-Ask Questions. 

Finding a perfect-fit Mastermind Group can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack because there are so many different options and factors to consider.
It’s absolutely worth doing your work upfront and researching potential groups as much as possible. This investment upfront will make or break your Mastermind experience.
You don’t want to commit to a group and then find out that the people are not well matched and the structure of the group doesn’t work for you It’s frustrating AF and a colossal waste of time and money.
But when you feel simpatico with members of your Mastermind and the connection and community you’re creating are copasetic, you’ll see an immediate upleveling of your business and an acceleration toward reaching your goals.