Grow Your Business Faster Than You Could On Your Own

Forming Groups Now That Will Start in January 2020

You’ve come this far building your business, but are you starting to feel like you can’t really go all that much further by yourself?

You need connection, feedback, accountability and a jolt of momentum to get to the next level 👈🏼 Get all of that in a Kickass Mastermind.

Exclusively for Full-Time,
Established Business Owners

Go Faster + Further

How do you stand out and rise above in today’s chaotic AF business world that’s constantly expanding, changing and demanding more of you as a CEO? With a remarkable mastermind of ambitious high-achievers by your side.

You instantly get the enormous benefit of everyone else’s experience, training, education, specialized knowledge and network of connections – as if it were your own.  

You may be able to do it on your own, but it will be faster, better, and more way less nerve-racking with your mastermind.



As a business owner, you’re 100% responsible for your own actions and shaping your own future. You report to nobody but yourself. There’s no one to hold you accountable. All that changes when you join a Kickass Mastermind.

You’ll have the structure to literally push your business forward with a built-in, on-demand support and accountability system. It keeps you from getting sidelined. It keeps you from getting distracted and stuck. It keeps you from thinking that you’re batshit crazy. 

Your feet will be held to the fire so that you actually accomplish your big, audacious goals. 

Bigger Possibilities

We all have limits and can easily get stuck in mental ruts and mind traps. And we can develop a business comfort zone that we’re accustomed to and it hard to bust out of. 

The members of your Kickass Mastermind will help you see possibilities you could never even envision. They will bring up things you would have never have thought of on your own. And they’ll give you a reality check when your seemingly great visions are not feasible. They’re able to see things that you can’t because you’re too close to your own business.

So many “aha” moments happen because as a group, we have a more objective view of the world and the possibilities for expansive thinking are endless.

Think of your Kickass Mastermind as your support team of ambitious, smart people who advise you, get you unstuck, and hold you accountable.

They openly share their first-hand experience, give you honest feedback, and introduce you to their network of contacts so that you can fast-track your success.

We’re Kickass for You

All we do is Mastermind Groups and we’re damn good at it.


So damn good that we have a 95% retention rate from year to year.


So damn good that we curate and facilitate mastermind groups for other businesses under their brands.


Part of the reason that we’re so damn good is that Kickass has mastered the three things required to create life-changing results for our members.

1. Kickass Curation

You want us to be incredibly selective and mindful about who we let in – and we are. Starting with the right people is key.

Once we’ve vetting individuals, we use Kickass Curation (our proprietary matching algorithm) that takes into consideration more than 50 factors when matching people into groups.

You get the absolute right mastermind because we’re so rigorous about curating unstoppable groups.

2. Kickass Structure

Your group will collaborate together in a way that feels simple, natural and productive because of our proven proprietary collection of tools and mastermind framework.

Kickass Structure includes hot seats, guest mentors, on-demand feedback, virtual coworking, in-person retreats, and an information portal. 

Without this kind of process, masterminds are chaotic and degenerate into a waste of time.

3. Kickass Facilitation

Your group will have its own experienced Kickass-Certified facilitator as your guide. 

This person is dedicated to creating a space where you’re getting the absolute most out of your experience. They are not coaches, but rather true facilitators of the group dynamics and interpersonal connection in your mastermind.

They also handle all of the planning and logistics so you don’t have to.

Over the past ten years, we’ve redefined masterminds to create an absolutely, well, Kickass experience for you.

Or if you just have a quick question, call or text us at 512-575-3699

Meet A Few Members

“My Mastermind gives me so much clarity on my purpose, strategy, and next steps. I feel like I know exactly what to do with their help.” 

Rebecca Undem

Author & Speaker, Rebecca Undem

“The people in my Mastermind care about my business as much as I do. You can’t find that kind of support anywhere else.” 

Jacq Fisch

Writer & Copy Coach for Entrepreneurs, Jacqueline Fisch

“Being able to tap into the experience and wisdom of everyone in my mastermind group has helped me to short-cut my learning and growth of my business”

Nick Cooper

Real Estate Expert, Compass Real Estate

“BEST investment I’ve ever made in my business. I can’t imagine a better brain trust for my business and, frankly, my life too.” 

Brit Kolo

Founder & CEO,

Forming Groups Now That Will Start in January 2020

Masterminds Designed So You Can Kickass



Our mastermind groups contain between 6-10 people. This is the optimal size for the group to be the most productive and useful. The group size varies because it's more important to get the right people in the group rather than just letting in anyone to fill an open spot. 

We start with the groups being together for 12-months because it takes a little time for the relationships to develop and deepen. When they do, the value of the group increases even more. We know this because 95% of our Members renew from year-to-year. 

Groups are curated and matched several times each year. We're curating groups now that will start in January 2020. 

We only serve experienced, established business owners. This is not for new entrepreneurs who are just starting their first business.



Hot Seat Sessions

Your group gets together on video conferencing every month for "hot seats" which is one person getting the focused attention of the entire group to solve a challenge, maximize an opportunity or brainstorm anything. Accountabilities are also reviewed during this session.

Expert Consultants

Your group gets to decide what kind of consultant to bring in each month. These aren't presentations, but rather working sessions where you'll get expert guidance to improve an aspect of your business. You don't need to hire consultants for your business anymore. We'll source and pay for these experts for you.

CEO Sessions

These monthly workshops focus on core foundational topics that are critical to building a strong business. We have a discussion around the topic and then you have dedicated time to work on it. We're there to answer questions and help if you get stuck. Topics include customer journey, management systems, frameworks, HR, KPIs, and more.


On-Demand Support

Get quick answers, fast feedback and immediate input by being connected to your group in a private Facebook Group and through the Voxer app. Most members say that they never knew that they needed this, but now would never run their business without this real-time, on-demand support. 

Virtual Coworking

Each week there are a few hours of optional coworking time where you can meet up with your group and other Kickass Mastermind members to do focused, sprint work sessions. This allows you to have dedicated, worktime alongside your peers who will help you gain momentum and clarity. 


Business Planning

These dedicated planning sessions give you the time and space each quarter to plan your next three months. We'll provide you with a planning framework, but you can use any planning method you choose. Your group will then hold you accountable to the plan that you create in the session.


In-Person Retreat

Get away from your day-to-day with a three-day retreat with your mastermind friends. You'll hear what's working in business today from high-end guest speakers who will also work directly with you on your business. You'll go on field trips. You'll mastermind in person. Plus there's space and downtime for recharging.  And we always have surprises up our sleeves for you!





You have access to an online portal that includes recording and notes from all sessions, an accountability tracker, directory, resource library, calendar, and all other content and information that comes out of your mastermind. This is your central repository. 


Professional Facilitator

Your group will have a dedicated facilitator who will guide the group and handle all logistics. This allows you to entirely on receiving input for your business and supporting the others in your group. It also ensures that the mastermind quality remains high and that you are getting the support you need.

$9995 annually (or quarterly payments) 


GUARANTEED: We’re so confident that your Kickass Mastermind will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business that we’ll give you your money back if it’s not.

How It Works 

Hi, it’s Sara, the CEO of Kickass Masterminds and I know you’re here because you are ready to grow your business. Our entire team and I are ready to help. 
Here’s how it works:
STEP 1: Click here to book an initial 15-minute call with me. We’ll have a quick talk about your business and figure out if this is a good time to join a mastermind and if Kickass is a good fit. This isn’t a weird, pitchy sales call – and I’ll tell you if it’s not the right time or a good fit.
STEP 2: If you’re a great fit for us and we’re is a great fit for you, I’ll extend you an invitation to apply to join. We are very serious and rigorous about who we allow into Kickass Masterminds (believe me, you want us to be) and the application allows us to get to know you better. We’ll also start to do our own due diligence on you and your business. 
STEP 3: If you are accepted, our team will curate a Kickass Mastermind for you and you’ll get started in January 2020. 
Looking forward to helping you take your business to the next level.
– Sara

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Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

You'll also be subscribed to our mailing list and hear from us when we have something juicy for you. You can unsubscribe anytime if we don't earn our place in your email box.

Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.

Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

You'll also be subscribed to our mailing list and hear from us when we have something juicy for you. You can unsubscribe anytime if we don't earn our place in your email box.

Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.