Go bigger. Take things to the next level. Make a change. Expand.

That’s why most entrepreneurs consider joining a mastermind group.

Because they want to grow. And they need support to do it.

A hunger to make her business bigger and better is what got Brit Kolo thinking about masterminds.



Brit is the creator and founder of MarketingPersonalities.com. She connects business owners with their best marketing strategy based on their Myers Briggs personality type.

She also offers marketing intensives that focus on marketing strategy and tactics for your personality type. These four-hour intensives always sell out.  

But her business didn’t always look like that.


Before joining Kickass Masterminds in early 2018, Brit was a full-time marketing coach with a less-precise focus and rates that were only a fraction of what she’s able to price her services at now. 

That’s just one way Brit’s business has changed since she started masterminding with other ambitious, focused, kickass entrepreneurs. 

“I didn’t know I needed this kind of support until I had it,” Brit says today.

Brit, with brown hair and wearing glasses, holds up a letterboard that reads MARKETINGPERSONALITIES.COM

Meet Brit!

Having had a front-row seat to her whole mastermind exploration, lemme tell you — this woman is a testament to
how business masterminds can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs.

Don’t take it from me, though. I was curious about how Brit would sum up her mastermind experience and how it’s changed her business. So I asked her.

Keep reading to hear what Brit had to say about her journey — including the advice she has for other entrepreneurs who are thinking about joining a mastermind group.

Let’s go!


The Problem That Brought Brit to Masterminding

Let’s say you wanna run a marathon. Running on your own is booooring. You want a running partner. Someone to help you stay motivated and inspired. 

Who do you want to train with? Someone training for a little 5k? Or someone else training for an epic marathon?

Ding-ding: the fellow marathon runner.

This is the analogy Brit used to describe the problem she was having, the one that inspired her to start searching for solutions. 

“I am simply not someone who is going to just accept the status quo. I knew I wanted to go bigger,” Brit says. 


“I didn’t have a circle of business friends that I felt like could support me in going bigger and I didn’t really feel like I had anyone who wanted to go bigger that I could then support. I didn’t have anyone running with me.

“I needed a new circle to run with.”

Brit Kolo sits cross-legged on a chair with her laptop on her lap as she drinks from a coffee mug


Finding a Solution: Facebook Group? Coach? Mastermind?

At first, Brit thought maybe she was just in the wrong entrepreneur Facebook groups (ha! no!).

Then she started getting serious about finding a real solution — something that would help meet her need for a “running partner.”

She had to decide between a coach, a course, and a mastermind.

Coaching programs

Nope. Not the right fit for Brit.

“I knew I did not want to work with a coach. I didn’t think that working with one person was going to help me very much. There’s not going to be one perfect coach out there that’s going to help me.”

Group programs

Maybe. Maybe not.

“I had tried a few group programs. I had heard of a lot of group programs. While they promised great things and I did invest in a few of them, something kept happening,” Brit says. 

That something was not having her commitment to the program be matched by the rest of the group. And Brit being more committed than the instructor. Or having other members complain that Brit was making them look bad. Wait – what?

”That sucked. That is definitely not what I need. That shot my confidence down so much.”

Expensive masterminds

Like so many other entrepreneurs, Brit didn’t realize that masterminds were even available to entrepreneurs like her — independent business owners at her level, trying to make bigger things happen.

She knew about “premium-priced mastermind groups,” the ones that had price tags of $35,000 – $100,000.

But she didn’t want to dedicate those kinds of resources. 

Plus, with their guru-led structure, those masterminds “seemed like a glorified year-long group program with a whopping price and I didn’t want a group program.”

These masterminds weren’t the right fit for her. Until…

Kickass Masterminds

I knew about Brit’s marketing coaching biz and thought she’d be a great guest on The Mastermind Show (psst: that’s my podcast, where small business owners share real-life challenges and get honest advice from fellow business owners).

Spoiler: she was great.

She also had an a-ha! moment.

“I had never gotten such quick, helpful, thoughtful feedback before. It got my wheels turning. I really found value in the multiple perspectives that were brought to the table.

It made me realize, yet again, that I don’t always have all the answers. There was something in this. This was part of what I need. On the flipside, I felt like I could help the other people, too.”

Brit had found what she needed. A few months later, she was in her first Kickass Masterminds meeting.

“I was all in.”

Brit in masterminding action (most likely dropping some incredible feedback)


The Experience of Being In a Kickass Mastermind

If you’ve never been in a real mastermind group before, your first meeting might be a bit of a “WTF have I gotten myself into” experience.

It’s normal. Seriously. Ask Brit.

“I remember finding out who was in my group, getting the rundown of what their businesses were like and what their histories were like, and thinking: ‘HOLY SHIT.’ They are so much farther along than I am.”

But as scary as it was for the first few minutes, Brit said it was a sign that she was “exactly where I needed to be. I am going to grow because these are the people I’m running with.”

Once Brit got rolling, there were three things about being part of Kickass Masterminds that were immediately helpful:

• Forging friendships

“Some grew very quickly, to the point where we were talking everyday one-on-one. Some grew slowly over time. By the time we met in Austin [for a Kickass retreat], all the walls broke down. I felt like ‘Holy shit. I’m never doing business or life without these people.’”

• Getting Support and Feedback Whenever

“Knowing that I can drop a message into our Voxer group at literally any time of day, 365 days a year, is a kind of support I never knew existed and not sure I can really even explain. 

Entrepreneurship can be so freaking lonely. I’ve got my friends and family, but when you’re down and out and you’re not making the money you expected to or not hitting your make-or-break numbers or things are going well but you STILL are doubting yourself, there is absolutely nothing like knowing my mastermind friends are there, waiting in the wings, ready to spring into action at any time.”

• Celebrating wins

“Being able to celebrate my wins without a single worry that someone might be threatened by my success or think I’m ‘making them look bad’ or something super petty — that’s massively empowering. I can come in at any time, announce something I did well and only be met by more cheers of support and celebration. That exists in very few places and I will never take that for granted.”

Brit (3rd from the left) and her Kickass Mastermind: Tracy, Nicole, Rebecca, me, Stacey and Jacq


How Masterminding Has Changed Brit’s Business — and Her Life

Being a part of Kickass Masterminds has radically changed Brit’s business for the better. 

After a few months of being in Kickass, she made the call to develop MarketingPersonalities.com and shift to selling digital products. Within a year, she decided to close down her old marketing coaching business and make MarketingPersonalities.com her sole focus. 

Here’s how she sums up the biggest business impacts she’s experienced by masterminding with Kickass:

1. “I have successfully launched a new company that’s geared toward being sold in 2025.”

2. “I have gotten hyper-focused on the big vision and phased out distractions including my other two brands.”

3. “I have doubled my coaching rates.”

4. “I’ve gained a group of ride-or-die business friends I can’t imagine doing business without.”

It’s not just her business that has benefitted from being a part of Kickass Masterminds. Masterminding has also had a HUGE impact on Brit’s life.

“My mental, psychological, spiritual health is stronger because of these people. Sure, they help me work through business problems, the numbers, the data, the ideas. But really, all of that means nothing if I, as a human, am not taking care of my inner self. 

These people have taught me so many lessons about how to care for myself, how to tame my inner critic, how to grow a healthy mindset, how to have faith in the unseen. That’s what makes an entrepreneur.”


The Biggest Lessons Brit Has Learned From Masterminding

“I don’t always see my own worth, but my mastermind group does. They’re constantly reminding me of how worthy I am every day.”

“I can ask for anything I desire with zero apologies, no holding back and they support me.”

 “Business growth is really not about business. It’s about personal growth. When I devote myself to personal growth, my business grows. When my personal growth suffers, my business growth suffers.”

This is Brit’s Kickass Mastermind at one of their retreats on Lake Austin in Austin, TX


Brit’s Advice For Other Entrepreneurs Who Are Thinking About Joining a Mastermind

Not sure whether a mastermind group is right for your biz? Here’s who Brit thinks are ripe and ready for mastermind magic:

💥  “You’re bringing in revenue, you’re making a profit — and now you want to go bigger.”

💥  “You want to grow, alongside a committed, eclectic group of other entrepreneurs.” 

💥  “You’re over the run-of-the-mill, typical business coaching and group programs and pseudo masterminds that overcharge and underdeliver, full of people who can pay the money but aren’t really there to dig in and help each other.”


Want to Have the Same Kind of Business-Altering Experience As Brit?

Then it’s mastermind time, baby.

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Ready and eager to dive in now? It all starts with a conversation about your business. No pressure, no creepy sales tactics.


Talk to you soon,  Sara Christensen, Kickass Masterminds Founder + CEO 

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Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.

Get the Mastermind Directory + the List of Questions to Ask Before Joining Any Mastermind Group

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Thanks! Your List of Questions is whizzing its way through the Internet on it's way to your inbox right now.