An Intimate, Curated Mastermind Experience for Established Business Owners

July 31 - Aug 2, 2019 in Austin, TX



"Best biz event I’ve ever attended! I made 40 new FOREVER business friends."

Rachael Kay Albers 





"There is nothing like being in a room where every single person is a super smart, driven, creative, successful entrepreneur." 

Jennifer Rappo



"It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so full of gratitude to have been invited to take part in such a life-changing, soul-lifting event!"

Ginny Krauss





Venue: Mercury Hall  





Accommodations: Because Mercury Hall is nestled into a residential neighborhood, there isn't a hotel immediately nearby. The Carpenter Hotel at 400 Josephine Street is pretty close to the venue and you'll receive a 10% discount there when use the code: ladybird. There are also many close-by AirBNBs.  






We have rigorously vetted every single person who will be at Mastermind LIVE! and we're committed to keeping this event to around 40 amazing people.

Just like you, everyone attending is an established, growth-oriented business owner. There will be NO NEWBIES or KNOW-IT-ALL-KNOW-NOTHINGS or POSERS at this event.

Mastermind LIVE! is invite-only and we have hand-selected and curated super high-quality people who have been in business at least a few years and is at the point of taking their business to the next level.




MASTERMINDING: We will match you into a carefully-curated mastermind group of about six people that you'll roll up your sleeves and work with in a structured session each day. You'll get your group's feedback, advice, and suggestions on your business. You can ask any and all questions you want and get input on anything that's making you stuck. 

NETWORKING: You'll connect meaningfully with every single person at the event. You immediately will increase your network of people who can help you take your business to the next level. 

SPEAKERS: The guest expert speakers will not just be giving a standard PowerPoint presentation. Nope! They'll be sharing what's working today in business in their area of expertise. You'll be able to connect with the speakers and ask your own questions. Soon you'll learn about the speakers (we're so close to securing some amazing people). 

SURPRISE: Count on being surprised and be open to adventure and laughter. 



This is a  mind-expanding, get-shit-done kind of experience. Instead of leaving with a notebook full of ideas never to be seen again (much-less implemented), you'll walk away with an actionable plan to take your business to the next level. 

You're going to roll up your sleeves and work side-by-side in a room full of big business brains. There will be expertise in pretty much every area of business in that room - we've made sure of that when curating the event. Imagine having this huge collective resource of brainpower and expertise available to you for three days as you plan your next big moves.

At most events, you'll connect with maybe a few good people. At Mastermind LIVE! you'll make 40 really close business friends for life. 

You'll be blown away at how talented, inspiring and generous they are - and how much they're willing to help you with your business.

Check out what a few of our past attendees posted on social media after the last event:

$1295 before May 1, 2019 and $1495 after. Payment plan available. 


If You're Ready for a Different Kind of Experience



Hi, it's Sara, your host of Mastermind LIVE! I designed this event for YOU - the business owner who wants something different than a giant event in a soulless hotel ballroom.
--> You know that kind of event where you're lucky if you connect with one or two good people?
--> That kind of event where the purpose of the content is to tee you up to be sold to? 
--> That kind of event where you go home with a thick pad of notes that you never implement? 
--> That kind of event where you don't get to meet, much less hang out with, the speakers? 
Yeah, you get it. Mastermind LIVE! is the opposite of that. 
All this awesomeness starts with getting the right people in the room which is why we get to know and vet every person. I need to know about you and your business to see if you're a good fit for the event and, just as importantly, to make sure that this is a good event for you. So let's have a quick conversation. Click the red button below to book it. 
Oh and because we're committed to keeping this small, space is limited. The last Mastermind LIVE! sold out fast and this one will, too. So get your time with me booked. 
Lastly, if you absolutely love your mastermind experience at the event and want to continue on in one of our year-long masterminds, we will talk about it and be available to answer your questions. There'll be no slick sales pitch or weird, buy-now tactics. Promise. 
Ready to get going?
Step 1: Hit the red button below and schedule 20 minutes for us to talk
Step 2: We'll talk and Team Kickass will do some research about your business so we can really get to know you. If you're a great fit, I'll extend an invitation and you can register. 
Step 3: See you in Austin! You're going to have a kickass experience. 
- Sara
PS: If you just have any quick questions before we talk, text me at 512-575-3699. 



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