It's Time for Your Breakthrough Year

Mastermind LIVE!

January 16 - 18, 2019 in San Diego

Guest Expert

Amy Porterfield

Amy will not be giving a typical PowerPoint presentation. Nope! Instead, she'll be answering your questions and giving you input on your business. Plus there will be time with Amy to snap selfies.

Location: The Woodshed in North County San Diego, CA

Once you register, you'll get access to a rideshare and housing share Google sheet so that you can coordinate travel logistics with other attendees.

THE AGENDA: Mastermind Your 2019 Business Plan

This is a GET SHIT DONE kind of an experience. You won't be leaving with a notebook full of great ideas that you stuff in the back of a drawer, never to be implemented or seen again. Hell no! 

You're going to roll up your sleeves and work side-by-side in a room full of big business brains. There will be expertise in pretty much every area of business in that room - we've made sure of that when curating the group. Imagine having this huge collective resource of brainpower and expertise available to you for three days as you plan your 2019 breakthrough year. 

PLUS others will be asking for your special input on their business. There's no better way to share your genius and show others what your business is all about. 

The guest expert speakers, including Amy Porterfield, will not just be giving a standard PowerPoint presentation. Nope! They'll be working with you on your business. You'll be able to get Amy's answers on whatever big questions you have. 

When the event is over you will have your rockin' 2019 Business Plan that's been reviewed and vetted by other experienced business owners.




You'll be guided through a simple, but powerful process to get crystal clear on your goals and how to break down the steps to make them a reality. We'll start with your big audacious goals and work down to 90-day action plans. 


You'll be Masterminding with several different groups of business owners to get input, guidance, and advice from others who have been there before and others who have skill sets and areas of expertise that are different than yours. 


You'll create a list of resources, tools, learning, or help you need to achieve your big goals. We'll then get you exactly what you need based upon the experts in the room. You'll leave with everything you need to crush 2019. 


We have rigorously vetted every single person who will be at Mastermind LIVE! and we're committed to keeping this event to around 40 amazing people. 

Just like you, everyone attending is an established, growth-oriented business owner. All have a strong online presence and use tools such as social media, their websites, and paid traffic as key pieces of their marketing strategy. Many sell digital products and service. They are hiring and growing their teams.

There will be NO NEWBIES or KNOW-IT-ALL-KNOW-NOTHINGS or POSERS at this event. 

Mastermind LIVE! is invite-only and we have hand-selected and curated super high-quality people who have been in business at least a few years and is at the point of taking their business to the next level. 

At most events, you'll connect with maybe a few good people. At Mastermind LIVE! you're going to make 40 really close business friends. You're going to be blown away at how giving and talented and inspiring these people are - and how much they're willing to help you with your business. 

Hey it's Sara and I frickin' LOVE business owners! I, myself, have owned five businesses over the past 25+ years. My largest business was a wireless tech company doing $10 million in revenue per year and had 75 employees when I sold it. 
I am currently obsessed with helping business owners (like you!) grow their companies through my latest venture: Kickass Masterminds. Kickass Masterminds curates and facilitates Mastermind Groups for full-time entrepreneurs.  We also power Mastermind Groups for associations, coworking spaces, events and business influencers through our white-label Mastermind service. 
When I'm not Masterminding, you can find me sipping bourbon, singing along with Fleetwood Mac or on our boat on Lake Austin - sometimes all three at once. 


This event is highly curated and everyone is vetted to make sure they’re at the right level in their business and so that there isn’t another person in attendance who has the exact same area of expertise as you (which is great for you!). 


Click below to book time on Sara’s calendar to talk about attending the event. If you’re a good fit, you’ll get an invite to attend – yes!


Because we’re keeping this small and intimate, space is limited. When it’s sold out, it’s sold out. 


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