Mastermind Show Guest Logistics

Please read the Show Logistics and reach out to us here if you have questions:
There is a small amount of “right-matching” business owners together for these podcasts. It’s about 1/100th of the process that we go through to match paid Mastermind Groups at Kickass. 
Not everyone who applies to be on the show gets to be on. If you were chosen, it’s possible that someone else didn’t get the opportunity.  Additionally, there are three other people who have dedicated time and energy to this. 
Show up on time and ready to rock. 
Double check time zones. All of our times are in US CENTRAL TIME. Click here for a time zone converter. 
MICROPHONE & HEADPHONES: So that your voice sounds the best it can, please use a decent mic and headphones – or at least a good headset. With multiple people on the recording, good voice quality is important. Please be in a quiet location and preferably in a smaller room with carpet or a rug on the floor which will help to reduce echo in the sound quality. 
VIDEO: Video will be also recorded and posted on YouTube and our website.
TO THE POINT: The less backstory you share during the actual recording, the more input you’ll be able to receive. The group needs very little information to give you insight and recommendations. The reason that you give details prior to the recording is so that you can get the most feedback possible during your time. Please don’t waste your hot seat time with lots and lots of backstory. Listen more. Talk less. 
NO “YEAH, BUTS…”: When receiving feedback from the others, please don’t say, “Yeah, but…” and then explain why that won’t work for you. Instead, receive the input by saying “got it” even if it doesn’t make sense for you. It’s a lot more efficient than explaining why it won’t work for you and, ultimately, you get more input this way. Plus, in the end, you get to decide what suggestions you act on or not.
TAKING NOTES: You’ll get the most out of the session if you don’t take detailed notes during it. Being present and in the moment will get you the best results. The session is recorded so you can go back to watch it – and take notes – as many times as you want. We’ll email you the raw audio the day after the recording. 
SHOW UP TO GIVE AND RECEIVE: What makes these mini-mastermind sessions so powerful is the group’s commitment to support each other. Please read through each person’s info before the recording. 
– Everyone will get on and settled before recording begins. Please be on time! There are other people who will respect you and do the same. 
Once we begin recording:
– Introduction of the podcast and the group
– Each person gives a 1-minute intro and description of their business
– Each person will be on a 15-minute Hot Seats to share a challenge or opportunity in their business and to get input from other entrepreneurs
WHERE ARE THEY NOW FOLLOW UP VIDEO: A couple weeks after your recording, we’ll reach out to you and ask you to record a 2-3 minute video with an update about the progress you’ve made on the item we masterminded on during your hot seat. 
SHOW AIR DATE: We batch record episodes, so it could be a few weeks or months before your episode is live. We’ll let you know when it goes live. 
WE’LL PROMOTE: We promote on the recording day and when the show is released via mail, social, FB ads, show notes, website, etc. 
YOU PROMOTE: Please share and promote your episode and the podcast in general however it works best for you and your audience. Consider promoting on the recording day as well as when the episode goes live. Prior to the episode going live, we’ll provide images and copy if you want to use them. Please promote and share. We expect that you will promote your episode. If you’re unwilling to do this, please let us know prior to recording. 
By participating in the Mastermind Hot Seat Podcast, you are authorizing Sara Christensen and Kickass Masterminds to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. We reserve the right to not publish an episode for any reason (to be honest, if it’s not awesome for any reason, it won’t be published).

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