Leverage what you’ve already built by offering branded Mastermind Groups to Your Customers

You’ve already done the work of creating loyal customers 

Make significantly more money from your customer base with very little effort on your part


You bring the people and we’ll handle everything else


Part of the reason your members love your organization is meeting and connecting with the other members. By offering Mastermind Groups, your members can get connected even more deeply and meaningfully with each other. That creates tremendous loyalty for your association and longevity for your members. 

Coworking Spaces

Your members want to know each other beyond just saying “Hi” at the coffee station. By giving them the opportunity to collaborate and work with each other, you’ll increase your retention and build even more loyalty. Plus this kind of an add-on to a membership will make you stand out from your competitors that are popping up all over town. 


Your attendees get to know each other during your event and really want to stay connected, but you know that rarely happens. Give them the ability to do so while they’re still high on adrenaline from your great event. Plus you’ll increase the number of people who will return for your event the next year because they’ll want to see their Mastermind friends in real life. 



Calling all online teachers, marketers, gurus, and authors. There’s a subset of your customers who are super fans. They will buy everything you sell. They want to be closely connected to you. Your super fans can feel like they’re in your inner circle with very little time and effort on your part. Plus they become the most amazing advocates for you and your business. 


STEP 1We design a Mastermind product that’s a great fit for your audience. The Masterminds will be branded with your company name. Heck, you don’t even have to call them a “mastermind.” 

STEP 2: You offer the Masterminds to your customers and audience. We’ll guide you through the marketing process and share best-practices and marketing resources to maximize conversion. 

STEP 3: Then we’ll take it from there and handle ALL of the implementation. We’ll vet the individuals to curate the best-possible groups and then facilitate everything during the year-long Mastermind. You can be involved as little or as much as you want. 

REVENUE: We share the revenue 50/50. 

We are the Mastermind experts. It’s our only focus and we’re damn good at it. 

We build true Mastermind Groups. Not the culty, guru-led group coaching programs out there masquerading as Mastermind Groups. Not groups comprised of warm bodies who can pay the money. Not groups that are random and lacking structure. 

True Mastermind Groups are 100% based upon the needs of the members and the power of the unique groups. That’s why we put a tremendous amount of energy into curating the right people in the groups and professional facilitation. 

The groups are facilitated through our proven structure that ensures every member is getting world-class accountability, support and, ultimately, incredible breakthroughs. 


But don’t take our word. Here’s what our members say: 

“My Mastermind gives me so much clarity on my purpose, strategy, and next steps. I feel like I know exactly what to do with their help.” 

Rebecca Undem

Author & Speaker, Rebecca Undem

“The people in my Mastermind care about my business as much as I do. You can’t find that kind of support anywhere else.” 

Jacq Fisch

Writer & Copy Coach for Entrepreneurs, Jacqueline Fisch

“This is live, on-demand support and a business tribe you can depend on. I’m a customer for life.”

Tracy Bech

Business Overwhelm Coach, Tracy Bech

“I can’t imagine a better brain trust for my business and, frankly, my life too. I feel more supported than ever and am incredibly grateful I took the leap.” 

Brit Kolo

Founder & CEO, JAM Marketing Group

“Business can be a bitch. Life can be crazy chaotic. My Mastermind makes me feel like I’m not alone in navigating either.”

Stacy Fischer

Business & Life Coach, The W Collective

“This is the place for any entrepreneur looking to make meaningful and edifying relationships.”

Nicole Pond

Founder, The Yellow Bird

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