Hey, it’s Sara Christensen here. I’m the laughing chick in the gray tank top. You can reach me directly at sara@kickassmasterminds.com 

The other laughing chick is my bestie, Ashley. She’s an amazing Celebrity Makeup Artist. And, yes, we’ve been in a Mastermind Group together before Kickass Masterminds was even a thing. 



I started Kickass…wait, I think I need to reframe that. Kickass MADE me officially start it in June 2017.

You see, starting yet another company (there have been five so far) wasn’t in my grand plan. But I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

Before you think I’ve lost my mind, keep reading and you won’t think I’m entirely crazy (or maybe you will – ha!). 



I started and lead five different business over the past almost 25 years.

My largest business was doing $10 million in revenue per year and I had 75 full-time employees when I was forced to sell my portion of it because of a shady situation with my business partner (I’ll tell you the dirty details over a whiskey some night). 



Fast forward a couple years and I got involved in my first Mastermind Group. I had no idea what they even were when I joined.

But all of a sudden I had 12 business best friends (who were brilliant!) and they were helping me to have major breakthroughs in my new business.

These women had my back no matter what. They pushed me. They challenged me.  They rallied around me. They called me on my bullshit. 

I couldn’t help but wonder if I could have avoided that shitty situation with my prior business if I would have had my Mastermind friends in my corner. In my heart and gut, I believe I would have.

They would have pointed out my blind spots and asked me the tough questions to make sure my ass was covered. 

I was with, and eventually, lead that awesome group for about seven years in San Diego. When I moved to Austin, I couldn’t go to our meetings anymore (*cue the tears*), but we’re still the closest of friends. 



There was no way that I was going to do business without a Mastermind Group ever again. I knew better.

So I started looking for a virtual Mastermind, so I wouldn’t be bound by a geography like I was with my other group. 

What did I find? Some coach-lead groups. Some DIY (scary) groups. Nothing that was compelling. 

So I started Kickass Masterminds for all of us entrepreneurs who crave a community of like-minded, remarkably awesome fellow entrepreneurs who are committed to helping us achieve all that we dream about for our businesses and our lives. 



I invite you to apply for one of our Mastermind Groups filled with REBELS, ICONOCLASTS, and FREEDOM-JUNKIES as we redefine and reclaim our businesses and our lives. 

Rock on, 






WAIT! Before You Join Any Mastermind Group, Ask These Questions

Joining a Mastermind Group can be awesome! OR it can be a damn waste of time and frustrating AF. Save yourself and ask the right questions before joining any group.