Business mastermind group are our sole focus. We’re the mastermind experts. It’s all we do and we’re damn good at it.

We curate and facilitate true mastermind groups. Not group coaching programs or DIY get-togethers, but expert-led, professionally organized, rigorously curated mastermind groups for entrepreneurs and business executives.

Our mastermind groups provide support, strategy, insight, advice, and a sense of community that is proven to help participants grow their businesses, improve their team performance, increase customer retention, and grow their revenue.

It works. That’s why our member retention and renewal rate is 95%.

Small Business Owner Groups

We create and facilitate masterminds for established entrepreneurs who are ready to make the next big move in their business. If you’re looking for an X-factor to help take your business to the next level, click here.

White-Label Partners

We power mastermind groups for events, coworking spaces, associations, and really any company or group that serves entrepreneurs. You bring the people. We handle everything else. If you want to explore having your own mastermind group without having to organize and implement it on your own, click here.

Corporate Client Groups

We run internal mastermind groups for corporations, executive teams, sales organizations, and other company teams.


Jacq is a copywriter and copy coach for for business owners who want to sound human while they change the world. She helps them ditch the jargon so they can connect with their clients using engaging online copy that sells.

“I’m in Kickass Masterminds for life. The people in my mastermind care about my business as much as I do. You can’t find that kind of support anywhere else.” 

Jacq Fisch

Copywriter + Copy Coach

Rebecca is a keynote speaker and author of the book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back. She helps women who live in small town to live big, fulfilling lives. 

“My mastermind people are some of my favorite humans on the planet. I am so lucky to have them in my corner and they help me to love my business in a way that I never have before.” 

Rebecca Undem

Speaker & Author

Nick is a leading real estate agent in Northern California with Compass Real Estate. He started an innovative foundation that donates a portion of real estate transactions to fund a homes for families in need in Guatemala. 

“Being able to tap into the experience and wisdom of everyone in my mastermind group has helped me to short-cut my learning and growth of my business” 

Nick Cooper

Real Estate Agent,


I’m Sara. That’s me in the gray tank top, with my bestie Ashley. She’s an amazing celebrity makeup artist, and a fellow lover of mastermind groups.

I’m a big believer in the power of masterminds. I think it’s too risky to try and do business on your own without the support and accountability of a mastermind group.

Why? Because I tried. And I paid dearly, at the cost of about 30 million smackers. Yep, you read that right: $30,000,000. *Gulp*


I’ve launched and run five very different businesses over the past 25 or so years, including a marketing agency in Minneapolis and a vintage jewelry studio in New York.

My largest business was a wireless tech company that I co-founded in 2000. Way back in the stone age before anyone had even dreamed of an iPhone.

That company was doing $10 million in revenue per year (with healthy margins) and we had 75 full-time employees when I was forced to sell my portion of it because of a shady situation with my business partner (I’ll tell you the dirty details over a Maker’s Mark Manhattan some time).

I picked myself up, started another business and got involved in my first mastermind group. I had no idea what a mastermind was when I joined, but all of a sudden I had 10 brilliant best friends in business who were helping me achieve major breakthroughs in my entrepreneurial journey.

These people had my back no matter what. They pushed me. They challenged me. They rallied around me. They called me on my bullshit.

Looking back, I know I could have avoided that shitty situation with my wireless business had I had my mastermind group in my corner. They would have pointed out my blind spots and asked me tough questions to make sure I was covering myself.

That’s what made me a mastermind convert. I soon began curating and leading other mastermind groups for anyone I knew who owned a business. I wanted everyone to reap the same rewards I had. 

Which brings us to today. Creating highly rewarding, results-producing mastermind groups is our jam here at Kickass Masterminds. 

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