Rigorously-Curated + Professionally-Facilitated Mastermind Groups for Full-Time Entrepreneurs

By Invitation Only

Rigorously-Curated + Professionally-Facilitated Mastermind Groups for Full-Time Entrepreneurs

By Invitation Only

Because You Can Only Kick So Much Ass By Yourself


Be held accountable to implement your plans and achieve your goals


Get challenged and encouraged by people who truly “get” you and want you to succeed


Achieve your business goals much faster than going at it alone

What is a Mastermind? 

A peer-mentoring group that pushes, supports and holds each other accountable to achieve each person’s individual goals. 

Masterminds are remarkably powerful when the group has the right mix of like-minded people, an effective structure for collaboration, and a dedicated facilitator. 

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Ep. 29 – How Do I Pre-Launch My Program?

  ON THIS EPISODE'S HOT SEAT: CHRIS BELTRAN Chris is an award winning graphic designer who has worked with some of today's top online entrepreneurs that run six to seven figure brands. Being a leading expert in personal branding, he has worked with notable...

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Ep.27 – Should I Create A New Brand For My Programs?

  ON THIS EPISODE'S HOT SEAT: ERIN FLYNN Erin has been making websites since 1999, and started her own web design and development company in 2012. After a few years creating websites for clients, Erin shifted her business. Now, her primary business is...

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Joining a Kickass Mastermind

STEP 1: Get on the Wait List

STEP 2: If you receive an invitation, you’ll be matched with a carefully-selected group of extraordinary, like-minded entrepreneurs

STEP 3: Meet with your group monthly for Hot Seats, accountability, discussions. These sessions are hosted by your dedicated, professional group facilitator. Get together with your group in person once a year at a three-day retreat. 

STEP 4: Tap into your Group anytime you want help or input

Word on the Street

"Kickass Masterminds is really intuitive when it comes to knowing the right people to connect you with when you need it."

Kelly Christian


"NOTHING I've done has pushed my business along more quickly than being in a Mastermind."

Rebecca Woods


"I wish I would have joined a Mastermind sooner. It's been like a jolt of lightening for my business."

Caroline Woodward


All About Mastermind Groups

Online Mastermind Group with the Right People

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn How’s that strike ya? Do you feel like you’ve already nailed this because your business inner circle is filled with people you freaking respect? People who have businesses that you admire?...

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Entrepreneur Mastermind Group Types

There are three basic types of Mastermind Groups for entrepreneurs: 1. Coach-Led 2. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) 3. Managed Peer Each is structured differently from the matching of participants to the coordination of the group. Each has its pros and cons.

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Find Mastermind Group

Find Mastermind Group: there are three steps to finding your perfect-fit Mastermind group. 1. Determine your needs 2. Find groups (keep reading for details on how) 3. Determine if that particular group is a good fit or not

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WAIT! Before You Join Any Mastermind Group, Ask These Questions

Joining a Mastermind Group can be awesome! OR it can be a damn waste of time and frustrating AF. Save yourself and ask the right questions before joining any group.