Rigorously Curated & Professionally Facilitated Structured Mastermind Groups

(it's all we do and we're damn good at it)

Rigorously Curated & Professionally Facilitated Structured Mastermind Groups

(it's all we do and we're damn good at it)

We Do Business Mastermind Groups for:


Increase your revenue by offering mastermind groups under your brand. You bring the members, we do the rest. For associations, coworking spaces, events and influencers.


Surround yourself with smart, accomplished people who care about your business as much as you do. We curate mastermind groups for established small business owners by invitation only.

Mastermind LIVE!

An Intimate, Curated Mastermind Experience for Established Business Owners

July 31 – Aug 2 in Austin, TX


A mastermind is a curated group of business owners that support one another, in every way possible, to achieve their business goals.

They tap into the expertise, experience, and energy of the collective group to be more powerful than they could on their own. 

Real mastermind groups include three elements: 1) a rigorously-vetted mix of people, 2) a proven structure for collaboration, 3) a professional facilitator to guide the process. 

They aren’t a willy-nilly, slap-together group of random people who just met in a Facebook group. They also aren’t a group coaching program with a curriculum that’s led by a guru or coach. 

The Mastermind Podcast: Real-Life Mastermind Sessions

A Kickass Mastermind Gets You: 

Business Growth: grow faster and bigger than you could on your own

Decision-Making: get input and perspective so that you can decisively make decisions and keep moving forward

Accountability:  to your big ambitions and dreams

Momentum: the collective energy of the group pushes you forward

Feedback:  guidance and advice on any and every part of your business

Community:  less loneliness, isolation, and feeling alone

On-Demand Learning: learn what you need from people who have been there, done that

Kickass Mastermind Members Say: 

"I can't imagine a better brain trust for my business and frankly, my life too. I feel more supported than ever and am incredibly grateful I took the leap."

Brit Kolo, JAM Marketing Group


"The people in my Mastermind care about my business as much as I do. You can't find that kind of support anywhere else."

Jacq Fisch, Writer & Coach for Entrepreneurs


"My Mastermind gives me so much clarity on my purpose, strategy and next steps. I feel like I know exactly what to do next with their help."

Rebecca Undem, Author & Speaker


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WAIT! Before You Join Any Mastermind Group, Ask These Questions

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