Rigorously Curated & Facilitated Year-Long Mastermind Groups for Full-Time Entrepreneur CEOs

By Invitation Only

Rigorously Curated & Facilitated Year-Long Mastermind Groups for Full-Time Entrepreneur CEOs

By Invitation Only

Because You Can Only Kick So Much Ass By Yourself


Be held accountable to implement your plans and achieve your goals


Get challenged and encouraged by people who truly “get” you and want you to succeed


Achieve your business goals much faster than going at it alone

What is a Mastermind? 

A curated group of Entrepreneurs that grow, learn, evolve and support one another to achieve their goals. 

True Mastermind Groups have a carefully-vetted mix of people, a proven structure for collaboration, and a professional facilitator to manage the process.

They aren’t a DIY, slap-together of random people who just met in a Facebook group. They also aren’t a group coaching program led by a guru calling it a Mastermind. 

Kickass Masterminds are true, proven Mastermind Groups. 

Watch or Listen to the Entrepreneur Mastermind Show

Ep. 40 – Entrepreneur Mastermind Show

ABOUT THE ENTREPRENEUR MASTERMIND SHOW:  Lucky you! You get to listen in on real-life Mastermind conversations. In this episode, you'll hear from an Entrepreneur CEO sharing a business challenge.    Then a group of smart business owners will give that...

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Benefits of Being in a Kickass Mastermind

Accountability – to implement plans and achieve big goals

Getting Unstuck – instant help and input every step of the way

Feedback – guidance and advice on any and every part of the business

Community – less loneliness, isolation, and feeling alone

On-Demand Learning – learn what you need, when you need it

Breakthroughs – to take the business to the next level

Word on the Street

"I can't imagine a better brain trust for my business and frankly, my life too. I feel more supported than ever and am incredibly grateful I took the leap."

Brit Kolo, JAM Marketing Group


"The people in my Mastermind care about my business as much as I do. You can't find that kind of support anywhere else."

Jacq Fisch, Writer & Coach for Entrepreneurs


"My Mastermind gives me so much clarity on my purpose, strategy and next steps. I feel like I know exactly what to do next with their help."

Rebecca Undem, Author & Speaker


All About Mastermind Groups

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What It’s Really Like to Be in a Mastermind Group

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Online Mastermind Group with the Right People

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn How’s that strike ya? Do you feel like you’ve already nailed this because your business inner circle is filled with people you freaking respect? People who have businesses that you admire?...

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WAIT! Before You Join Any Mastermind Group, Ask These Questions

Joining a Mastermind Group can be awesome! OR it can be a damn waste of time and frustrating AF. Save yourself and ask the right questions before joining any group.