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We have listed the best working Merchant Words coupon codes that help you get exclusive discount offers in this post. What’s more, we have even added a step-by-step guide to help you claim Merchant Words discount offer. 

Merchant Words is a go-to tool for — products research, competition research, and keyword research. Use our exclusive Merchant Words discount coupon to get exclusive discounts on Merchant Words right away. 

So without wasting a single minute, let’s dive in. 

How to Claim Merchant Words Coupon (Step-by-step)

Well, using our Merchant Words discount coupon, you can easily get upto 40% off right away. Moreover, using our exclusive discount links, you can get two months FREE on Merchant Words yearly plans. 

Note: To activate the discount offer, you need to use our exclusive discount link. The perks of using our exclusive discount link, the discount offer will get activated automatically. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step #1:

  1. Visit the official site of Merchant Words using our exclusive discount link.
  2. Once you open the link, you will land on a specific landing page of Merchant Words with the pricing plans listed there.
  3. Refer to the screenshots below. 
Merchant Words Discount  - Pricing Plan

As you can see using our exclusive MerchantWords discount link, you’re getting two months free on the yearly plan. 

Step #2: In the next step you need to choose a plan that suits your needs and requirements best. If you’re a beginner, we would recommend getting started with the Silver plan. 

Just choose a plan and click on the Subscribe Now button. It will then ask you to select your country and choose the correct country to do the research. And then click on the Subscribe Now button. 

Merchant Words Discount  -  silver Plan

Step #3: Now, in this step, you need to enter your email address and billing information and then click on Subscribe Amount” 

Merchant Words

It will take a while to create an account with MerchantWords, and then you will be asked to choose a password for your account. So this is how you can quickly get an exclusive discount offer on MerchantWords. 

Note: Sometimes, MerchantWords ends the active deals and coupons, so if you’re unable to claim any discount, it’s because of the end of the active MerchantWords coupon code. For that, we would suggest getting started with Merchant Words yearly plan to get two months free right away. The process to claim two months of free access with the yearly plan is the same as listed above. Just make sure to turn on the yearly plans toggle on the pricing page. Refer to the screenshot below. 

Merchant Words- Annually Plan

Merchant Words Pricing | Which plan is best for you? 

The best part about Merchant Words is — they have a flexible and affordable pricing structure. With all the plans, you get access to various robust features such as Amazon data in 11 markets (US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, AU, IN), keyword research, market insights, ASIN plus, etc. 

So here, we’ll explain every plan in detail so that you get to choose the right plan for you.

Here’s the pricing structure of Merchant Words: 

Silver Plan — For Beginners Starting as Amazon Sellers

The silver plan costs $39/month, or it will cost $350 when paid annually. The plan has all essential features for a beginner who is getting started as an Amazon seller. Some of the key takeaways are listed below:

  • Valid for one user
  • Amazon data from 11 markets
  • Monthly searches – 500
  • Number of CSV Rows — 1000
  • Digital Shelf — 5 reports
  • Market Insights — 25 searches
  • Keyword Collections — 10

The plan also has other standard and unlimited features such as ASIN Plus, Keyword explorer, etc. 

Note: This plan doesn’t come with two advanced features — Keyword Multiplier and Emerging Trends. 

The Gold Plan — Suited for Amazon Sellers With Experience 

The gold plan costs $79/month, and it will cost $790 annually—the plan all the essential and advanced features to help carry out value Amazon research. The plan comes with all the features of the silver plan; however, here are the key features highlighted by this plan.

  • Valid for two users
  • Amazon data from 11 markets
  • Monthly searches – 1000
  • Number of CSV Rows — 5000
  • Digital Shelf — 50 reports
  • Market Insights — 100 searches
  • Keyword Collections — 100

What’s more, the plan comes with two robust features — Keyword Multiplier and Emerging Trends. So this plan is the balanced plan of Merchant Words that comes with an advanced and balanced set of features. 

Platinum Annual — Suited to Growing/Established Amazon Sellers

The plan costs $149 monthly or $1490 when paid yearly. The plan has all the Silver and the Gold plan; additionally, it comes with advanced features worth every penny you invest. The highlight of the Platinum plan is as follows:

  • Valid for five users
  • Amazon data from 11 markets
  • Monthly searches — unlimited
  • Number of CSV Rows — 10000
  • Digital Shelf — 500 reports
  • Market Insights — 10,000 searches
  • Keyword Collections — 1000

In addition to these features, you will also get two bonus features that are —

  • Keyword Multiplier: This tool shows the related and complementary keywords you input. 
  • Emerging Trends: This tool shows the new and emerging search terms in every market. 

As you can see, the pricing plans of Merchant Words are affordable and flexible. 

Note: Keep one thing in mind, if you don’t like the tools of Merchant Words, they also offer a 14-days money-back guarantee

Is Merchant Words Right for Me? 

As long as you’re an Amazon seller, Merchant Words is the right choice. Let us tell you why. Most of the Amazon seller tools provide data that is not reliable and has the exact metrics that you need. 

Luckily that’s not the case with Merchant Words, as the data of this tool directly comes from the Amazon auto-complete search bar. The best part is that they capture trends of keywords and products once they are happening; this way, you always keep yourself updated with the right data and metrics. 

If you’re not sure what you can do with Merchant Words, here’s the list:

  • Find easy to rank keywords and valuable product data. 
  • Easily maximize the SEO impact of your listing and ads campaigns. 
  • You can identify trends and products opportunities. 
  • The tools help you understand the competitive landscape. 

The Best Deals & Alternatives:

Conclusion: Working Merchant Words Discount Code

So this is how you can get an exclusive discount on Merchant Words using our working Merchant Words coupon & discount. 

No doubt, Merchant Words is a reliable tool for carrying — product research, competition research, and keywords research on the go. 

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