10+ Best Elementor Addons That You Can Use In 2024

Needless to say — Elementor is a flexible page builder plugin available. With endless design capabilities and a plethora of design options — Elementor has it all.

Elementor Pro comes with tons of widgets and design options. However, you can use various third-party Elementor addons to unlock more stunning design opportunities. 

The thing is, Elementor comes with around 80+ cool elements; however, it can’t fulfill everyone’s requirements. The catch is, using third-party Elementor addons, you can enhance the capability of the Elementor page builder. 

There are hundreds of so-called — best Elementor Addons available to choose from. The question is, which one to pick? 

To help you choose the reliable and flexible Elementor addons, we have curated the handpicked list of the best Elementor addons. 

Which is The best Elementor Addons?

If you don’t want to go through the complete list and want the list of best Elementor Addons, here’s the list of best Elementor Addons to choose from:

  • Ultimate Addons —  Best Overall (#1 Pick)
  • Essential Addons Flexible & Affordable Option
  • Powerpack Expensive + Cool Elements Offered 
  • Happy AddonsReliable Elementor Addons

Below we have listed the best addons for Elementor. So let’s dive in. 

List of 10+ Best Elementor Addons for Elementor

Here we’re going to review all the available Elementor Addons we have listed. 

  • Elementor Pro 
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor 
  • Essential Addons for Elementor 
  • Powerpack for Elementor 
  • Master Addons
  • Happy Addons
  • Primary Addons
  • Crocoblock
  • Premium Addons for Elementor
  • Envato Elements

1. Elementor Pro 

If you’re using the Elementor Free version, we suggest first getting started with Elementor Pro. The thing is, Elementor Pro comes with — 60+ Pro Weidgtes & website kit and 300+ Pre templates and whatnot. 

Best Elementor Addons - elementor Pro

Note: If you wanna know more about Elementor Pro, we have done an in-depth review of Elementor Pro here. 

Before looking for some third-party addons for Elementor, we suggest trying Elementor Pro first. The Elementor Pro comes with more robust widgets such as — posts, WooCommerce, forms, social media, etc.  

Note: Check our working Elementor Pro discount code here.

In addition to 60+ Pro Widgets, 300+ Pre Templates, and a website kit — Elementor also comes with a robust Theme Builder. With the help of Elementor Theme builder, you can easily design — a header, footer, popups, 404 error page, single posts/page, etc. 

 elementor Pro - Widgets

Standalone Features:

  • 60+ Pro Widgets
  • Drag and Drop live editor
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Dynamic content customization

Price: The base plan of Elementor costs $49 yearly for a single site license. The Expert License of Elementor costs $199 for 25 website usage. 

2. Ultimate Addons for Elementor 

Ultimate Addons is the most reliable and flexible addons for Elementor page builders. The Ultimate Addons comes with 40+ widgets & extensions, 209+ section blocks, and 100+ website templates.  All in all, it unlocks a plethora of design opportunities for your WordPress website. 

 Ultimate Addons - Overview

Some of the all-time popular widgets/elements of Ultimate Addons are— content toggle, modal popup, timeline, video and info box. 

 Ultimate Addons - Widgets

Standalone Features:

  • 40+ responsive pre-built widgets.
  • Fully customizable widgets are offered.
  • Provides prebuilt blocks and templates.
  • All the widgets are fully responsive on all devices. 
  • Enables you to export/import designs. 

Price: The base plan of Ultimate Addons costs $59 yearly, and the lifetime bundle costs $239 one-time. What’s more, you can also go for the Essentials Bundle, which will cost you $169 yearly, including— Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Astra Pro, WP Portfolio Plugin, and other features. 

3. Essential Addons for Elementor 

Essential Addons provides the most popular library of addons for Elementor. The best part is, Essential addons have more than 1 million satisfied users. Essential add-ons come with a free as well as a paid version. 

The free version of Essential Addons offers limited widgets and design features. Although, the premium version of Essential Addons comes with 70+ premium widgets for Elementor.

Essential Addons - Star Rating

Some of the most popular Essential addons widgets are post blocks, data tables, modal/lightbox popups, restricted content, dynamic filterable gallery, and so on. You can check all Essential Addons pro widgets list here

Essential Addons - Widgets

Overall, Essential addons have the biggest library of Elementor Widgets to choose from. 

Standalone Features:

  • 70+ stunning widgets
  • 7+ extensions
  • Lightweight plugins and no bloatware. 
  • Customizable templates blocks 
  • Premium essential elements 
  • Provides around 1500+ ready templates

Price: The Essential Addons single website license costs — $39.97 yearly, and the unlimited website license costs $99.97. What’s more, the lifetime license costs — $249.97 for unlimited website activation and use. 

4. Powerpack for Elementor 

Powerpack is another reliable addon for Elementor, which is flexible and affordable. With the Powerpack add-on, you can take Elementor design to the next level with a new set of essential addons. 

The Powerpack addons provide 70+ unique addons, premium Elementor widgets, and professionally designed templates. Here we’re listing some of the premium widgets of Powerpack addons.

Powerpack - Widgets

Overall, it’s a robust Elementor addon that you can get started to extend the capability of the Elementor page builder. 

Standalone Features:

  • 70+ stunning widgets
  • PowerPack templates library 
  • Cross-domain copy and paste
  • Lightweight & fast-loading
  • Dynamic display conditions
  • Extensive documentation & friendly support

Price: The single site license of PowerPack costs $49 for a single site. The expert license costs $89 yearly, and the agency plan costs $119 for 1000 websites. The lifetime license of PowerPack costs $279. 

5. Master Addons

Master Addons is one of the best addons & extensions for Elementor. The best part is that Master Addons has around 100K active installs, and it is well known for its reliability and flexibility. 

Moreover, Master Addons comes with 70+ free & pro addons, and 15+ pro extensions. It also provides a large library of templates, Elementor widgets, headers, and footer builders. 

Master Addons - Extention

Some of the most popular widgets of Master Addons are — Advanced accordions, advanced image, animated headlines, blog, creative button, counter up, countdown timer, creative links, dynamic tables, flip box, etc. 

Master Addons - Widgets

Standalone Features:

  • 70+ stunning Elementor Widgets
  • Custom CSS for Elementor 
  • Pre-made landing pages
  • Custom breakpoints
  • Header-footer builder
  • 30K+ active users

Price: The single site license costs $39 yearly, and three website license costs $99 yearly. And the Agency plan for 1000 sites costs $199 yearly. You can also explore the lifetime pricing plans here. 

6. Happy Addons

Happy Addons is another reliable addon for Elementor. It is well-known Elementor Addons because it offers a unique set of web designing features and highly customizable widgets. 

Happy Addons comes with more than 90+ feature-rich widgets to curate stunning designs with Elementor page builder. Happy Addons’ widgets and elements are flexible and well-structured and work like a charm with other widgets. 

Happy Addons - Features

Happy Addons’ popular widgets/elements are advanced headings, flip box, pricing table, advanced tab, flip box, advanced accordion, scrolling image, animated text, countdown, and list group. 

Happy Addons - Widgets

Standalone Features:

  • 90+ powerful widgets
  • Provides 400+ presets
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • Templates import — ready-made template
  • Unlimited section nesting + live copy
  • On-demand asset loading

Price: The single-site license of Happy Addons costs $39 yearly, and the five-site license costs $89 yearly. The business plan for 1000 sites costs $189 yearly; you can also check the lifetime plan on their official site. 

7. Primary Addons

Primary Addons are freemium addons for Elementor. This free Elementor addon plugin comes with all the essential elements for creating stunning websites on the go. 

The Primary Addons has a free version with 20+ common stunning widgets. And the pro version of Primary Addons comes with 15+ pro Elementor widgets that cover all the primary elements.

Primary Addons  - Overview

The popular free elements are — image compare, slider, chart, gallery, separator, etc. However, the pro addons of Primary Addons are advanced buttons, call to action, counters, coupons, faqs, icon boxes, etc. 

Standalone Features:

  • Custom CSS support
  • Custom Elements positioning module
  • 20+ Elementor widgets
  • 11 extensions for stunning designs.

Price: The Primary Addons is free to use. 

8. Crocoblock

If you want to level up your Elementor design, Crocoblock is the must-have plugin you should try. Crocoblock comes with tons of stunning pre-built demo sites and templates. 

Crocoblock - Overview

Crocoblock provides more than 1000s of sections, mega responsive menus, and responsive theme blocks.  What’s more, Crocoblock also provides many ready-made pages available to use within the Elementor plugin. 

Crocoblock - Widgets

Specifically for Elementor addons, it offers Jet engine, which allows you to make adding/editing content with Elementor. Crocoblock comes with many useful Elementor addons, everything in one place. 

Standalone Features:

  • 19+ flexible Elementor JetPlugin for Elementor.
  • Provides free access to the Kava theme
  • Integrate and works like a charm with Elementor
  • 1000s of the ready-to-use block.
  • It also offers 47 customizable design templates. 

Price: The Crocoblock yearly plan for a single site costs $130 yearly, and an unlimited website license costs $265 yearly. What’s more, the lifetime plan of Crocoblock costs $750 one time. 

9. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons is the most innovative Elementor add-ons and widgets. The plugin allows you to take your Elementor design to a whole new level — supercharges your Elementor page builder. 

Premium Addons - Overview

The Premium Addons for Elementor comes with 50+ customizable widgets and add-ons. What’s more, all the Premium Addons of Elementor support Lottie animations. Also, you will have freehand design experience with the available addons and elements of Premium Addons. 

Premium Addons - Widgets

Moreover, Premium Addons for Elemetor also provides an ever-growing Elementor templates library. Implementation is straightforward, browse, preview, and insert the template with a single click on the button.

Standalone Features:

  • 34 advanced pro widgets
  • Elementor premium templates
  • Lottie animation inetgrations
  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • The plugin is WPML ready

Price:  The single site license costs $39 for a yearly license, and the lifetime license costs $224. The unlimited site license costs $79 yearly. 

10. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is also one of the best Elementor add-ons that you can use for free. It offers you free template kits that you can directly import to your website and save yourself from the hassle of designing your website from scratch. 

Envato Elements

With this add-on, you can browse different website kits that are available on Elementor. You can also access the template library of Elementor and mix different templates to design your website’s pages. You can install this plugin directly from the WordPress plugins section.

Elementor also has thousands of stock photos which you can access through Envato Themes and use these photos to design your website.

Standalone Features

  • Compatible With Elementor
  • Import any template or website kit directly from Elementor’s library
  • Free stock images
  • There is no restriction on the number of templates you can import

Pricing: You can use this plugin for free with WordPress, but you will get access to only free templates. To get access to premium templates, you need to get the Envato Elements premium subscription which costs $16.50/mo.

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Elementor Addons?

So this is our handpicked list of best Elementor Addons. Now the question is — which are the best Elementor addons?

It’s a tough nut to crack! The Elementor free version comes with certain limitations; however, the Elementor Pro version unlocks endless design opportunities. So if you haven’t tried Elementor Pro, we suggest getting started with Elementor Pro first. 

The thing is, we have designed KickAss MasterMinds with Elementor Pro — we’re amazed at the capability of Elementor Pro. 

Still, if Elementor Pro is unable to meet your design requirements, we suggest two Elementor Addons choose from:

  1. Essential Addons — The Powerful Elementor Addons (100 Elements)
  2. Ultimate Addons — Flexible & Affordable Elementor Addon

You can get started with any of these mentioned above; both are —lightweight, flexible, and responsive. 

So what you’re waiting for? Take your Elementor design next with Elementor Addons. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Elementor addons?

Elementor addons are the plugins developed especially for the Elementor platform by third-party developers. They boost the functionality and user experience.

Do I need add-ons?

It is not compulsory that you need add-ons, but if you want to enrich your design then you should definitely try them out.

Does Elementor offer customer support for the add-ons?

Elementor doesn’t offer customer support for the addons which is not developed by Elementor.

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