6+ Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins 2024

Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins

If you’re on the fence about choosing the best under-construction WordPress plugins — we have got your back.

In this post, we have curated a handpicked list of the best under-construction WordPress plugins to help you get started.  With the help of these plugins, you can easily set up an under-construction/coming soon page on your WordPress website/blog. 

So without further ado, let’s get straight to the list. 

Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins 2024

SeedProd 5$39.50
Elementor Page Builder 4.8$49
Under Construction Pages 4.8$48
Maintenance 4.7 $27
WP Maintenance Mode4.3Free

Let’s review all these under-construction WordPress plugins below. All the plugins listed below are available on WordPress.org. Some of these plugins offer a premium version with a lot of useful features. You can choose as per your needs and requirements. 

 1. SeedProd — #1 Underconstruction WordPress Plugin

SeedProd is the best WordPress under-construction WordPress plugin available. You can easily create an under construction/coming soon for your WordPress website/blog using the plugin. 

Creating under construction/coming soon pages is easy — it comes with a drag and drop interface. Using the drag and drop builder, you can create a coming soon and maintenance page quickly and easily. 

Best Under Construction WordPress Plugins - SeedProd

The best part, SeeedProd comes with pre-built templates to help you get started right away. What’s more, it also comes with some of the robust features such as — 20 color scheme, font combinations, block templates, etc. 

SeedProd also integrates with email marketing tools which allows you to start collecting emails of your website visitors. It also gives you the option to add social media handles icons, share buttons, viral marketing tools, and so on. On top of everything, the theme comes with a built-in contact form, email autoresponder, progress bar, countdown timers, etc. 

Price: SeedProd has a freemium version available with the basic set of features. The premium version of the SeedProd plugin costs $39.90 per year. 

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2. Elementor Page Builder (#Editor Pick)

It’s no doubt, Elementor is the best WordPress page builder available, with over two million active installations. The Elementor Page builder allows you to easily create and add maintenance/coming soon pages to your WordPress website. 

Elementor Pro comes with a drag and drops website building interface, which makes it super easy to craft a stunning maintenance page on the go. Even it provides various ready-to-use templates for maintenance/coming soon pages to get started quickly. 

Elementor - Overview

Note: You can check this Maintenance Mode post of Elementor

What’s more, with Elementor Pro, you can do much more than just create a coming soon and maintenance page. You can easily create a fully-fledged website with Elementor. Even they have hundreds of pre-built templates available to choose from. 

We strongly recommended getting started with Elementor Pro. It has multiple uses than just creating maintenance and coming soon pages because it would be the go-to solution for managing your WordPress website’s design aspects. 

Note: Check our detailed Elementor Review here.

Price: The Elementor Pro base plan starts at $49 yearly. The base plan comes with tons of design features to help you create stunning under construction/coming soon pages and much more. 

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3. Under Construction Pages

Under Construction, Pages is another reliable plugin that allows you to build stunning under-construction pages in minutes. The plugin helps you create pixel-perfect coming soon, under construction pages, sales pages in minutes. 

This plugin comes with more than 290 templates which you can use to build these pages quickly. The best part is they have templates available for building all niches coming soon and a maintenance page.

Under Construction Pages - Overview

Creating coming soon/maintenance pages is easy as it comes with a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder. You can make use of the drag and drop builder to easily create stunning maintenance pages. It also provides more than 2 million premium images that you can use while designing these pages. 

What’s more, the plugin gives you the flexibility to control all the aspects of your coming soon / maintenance page on your site. Somehow if you get stuck, they have friendly customer support available. 

Price: The base plan of this plugin costs $25 yearly, whereas the lifetime plan costs $48. Explore more about its pricing here. 

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4. Maintenance / Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Maintenance is a robust WordPress under construction plugin available. The Maintenance plugin allows the website owners to add maintenance / coming soon pages easily. 

The plugin has a free version with a limited set of features; however, the Pro version of the plugin unlocks a plethora of robust features. The pro version of the plugin comes with around 200+ pre-made templates for coming soon and under construction pages. 

 Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode - Overview

The plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the Maintenance page you create. It provides you with 2 million free images that you can use within the under-construction and coming-soon pages you create. 

Overall, Maintenance is a robust WordPress plugin that easily allows you to add coming soon and maintenance mode to your WordPress website. 

Price: The Maintenace plugin pro version costs $27 yearly, whereas the lifetime plan costs $99. You can check more about their prices here

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5. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenace Mode is a freemium plugin that allows you to create under construction and coming soon pages for your WordPress website/blog. It is by far the best free plugin available to add maintenance mode.

All you need to do is download and activate the plugin on your WordPress websites — VOILA, your website will show up in the maintenance mode. It also provides you with a visual customizer where you can change texts, colors, and backgrounds. This way, you can customize the look and feel of the under construction and the maintenance page. 

WP Maintenance Mode - Overview

The best part this plugin allows you to add a date with a countdown timer for the visitor information or even set up a value and unit for information. You have the option to add a subscription form to the maintenance pages you build. Overall, it’s a robust plugin to help you add a coming soon and maintenance page. 

Price: The plugin is available for FREE on WordPress.org

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6. LightStart 

LightStart is the free WordPress maintenance plugin that is used during the time when the website is out of order for maintenance, creates landing pages for the existing sites, and adds coming soon pages for your websites. The admin user can get the full functionality of the blog including the front ends. 

LightStart Overview

You can also activate the plugin for your blog in maintenance mode and only the registered users can have the right to see the front end. You will also set value, and date with a countdown timer or works. 

Price: This is a free plugin on the WordPress.org

Conclusion: The Best Under Construction WordPress Plugin?

So this is our list of best plugins to help you add coming soon and under construction pages to your WordPress website. You can choose any WordPress under construction plugins from the above list.

If we have to choose one, we would go with — SeedProd or Elementor. Both the plugins are robust options available to add maintenance mode / coming soon pages easily. We would prefer to go with Elementor because it helps manage all the aspects of your WordPress website. 

Now over to you — which plugin you are going to choose? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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