ClickFunnels Coupon 2024 — [Get Upto 58% Discount]

ClickFunnels Coupon

If you are on your way to search for ClickFunnels coupons and discount codes, you have landed on the right page. 

Instead of manipulating you or giving you fake discounts, let us start the article with complete transparency. 

ClickFunnels does not offer any official promo codes but don’t worry. We have got you covered. 

In this article, I will list all the official ClickFunnels promotions that will enable you to grab up to 58% discounts and a free six-month ClickFunnels platinum membership. 

The offers mentioned below emerge with bundles of ClickFunnels training courses and additional promotional modules. 

In addition, these discounts and offers can be redeemed by new users and existing users. So, you can grab an additional discount on ClickFunnels without going through any complicated procedures. 

With that, let’s dive into our ClickFunnels discount below. 

How to Avail ClickFunnels Discount (Valid In 2024)

On the internet, you may find various ClickFunnels discounts, but the truth is, there are no official discount codes, and all the codes mentioned on the internet are either fake or work for clickbait. 

Although there are no ‘official promo codes, in this section, I will list the ways to get ClickFunnels discounts in multiple ways. 

With the methods and options mentioned below, you can grab the ClickFunnels at a feasible price. 

Note: These are legit ways to grab ClickFunnels discounts. With these methods, you can grab up to 58% discounts with various freebies and bonuses inside. 

Steps To Claim ClickFunnels Coupon: 

Here we have listed the steps that you should follow to claim the ClickFunnels coupon. So without any hassle let’s get inside it. 

Step#1: Visit the official homepage of ClickFunnels using our exclusive link and click on the Pricing button. 

ClickFunnels Official Homepage

Step#2: Now on the pricing page you need to select the annual plan and choose any plan according to your need. 

Pricing Plan

Step#3: In this step, you need to create an account by filling up your name and email id. Now hit the continue button. 

Create Account

Step#4: Now you will redirect to the payment processing page, enter your payment details and click on Start My Free Trial. 

Payment Details

Wow! You have successfully claimed a discount on ClickFunnels. 

1) OFA Platinum Deal (Limited Time)

The Editor’s pick
OFA Platinum Deal
  • 30 Day Of Coaching
  • OFA Challenge Kit
  • 6 Month Of ClickFunnels Platinum
  • FunnelFix Platinum
  • White Glove Onboarding Service
  • Bonus Dot Com Secrets Live
  • Bonus Expert Secrets Live
  • Bonus Traffic Secrets Live

OFA Platinum deal (one funnel away challenge) is one of the best deals to grab with ClickFunnels. 

OFA is a 30-day training challenge that includes Julie Stoian, Russell Brunson, and Stephen Larsen. From day one to 30, they help you personally customize and execute your 30 days plans with live coaching and training. 

ClickFunnels Coupon - Live Coaching

One of the prime reasons why OFA platinum is worth it is because the total value of the features offered is $12,573 but with the ongoing offer, you get it for only $997. In addition, when you opt for the OFA platinum deal, you also get a 44% discount on ClickFunnels instantly. 

OFA Platinum

Additional bonuses include expert Secrets live, Dotcom lives, and traffic secret lives. 

Moreover, you get ClickFunnels account access for free for six months. Users across the globe are loving the OFA platinum deal. Let’s take a look below: 

OFA Platinum Deal
Reviews of OPA Deal

My Verdict: The deal is ideal for every user -beginner, intermediate users, and pros. Additionally, you get funnel-building training through Funnels Ninja. You also get additional perks and access to ClickFunnels for six months for free. 

2) Funnel Hacking Secrets (New Method)

The Editor’s pick
Funnel Hacking Secrets
  • 6 Month Platinum Account
  • Funnel Hacking Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Tranning Course
  • Unlimited Access To Virtual Hack a thons
  • You Get The Clickfunnels Unlimited Bonus

If you are on the hunt to search for the best ClickFunnels discount, Funnel hacking system is one of the best deals to grab. 

Wondering what is funnel hacking secrets module is? Let’s understand it below. 

The training program helps you create high-converting sales funnels with the help of Funnels Ninja. With Funnel hacking secrets, you get access to: 

  • Six months of free ClickFunnels platinum account. 
  • 100+ highly converting funnel templates. 
  • Funnel hacking secrets secret Masterclass. 
  • A powerful traffic secrets course and more. 

The total value for Funnel hacking secrets is $11,552, but with the current offer, you get the bundle at only $997. You can save thousands of dollars by option for Funnel hacking secrets method. 

Funnels Hacking Secrets

My Verdict: grabbing the Funnel Hacking secrets will enable you to grab six months of free ClickFunnels platinum. As you get six months free, you get a total of 44% discount on the total ClickFunnels pricing. In addition, you also get plenty of bonuses inside. 

3) Get 2 Months FREE with Annual Plans (Most recommended)

The Editor’s pick
Get 2 Month Free Plan
  • FREE live video support
  • Free Access 100+ converting funnel templates
  • FREE access to the FunnelFlix program
  • Free Virtual Hack-a-thons

Recently, ClickFunnels has launched annual plans which help you grab additional discounts in the long run. 

The ClickFunnels Annual Pricing is: 

  • Standard -$997/year. 
  • Platinum -$2997/year. 
Get 2 Month Free

When you signup for the yearly plan, you get access to two months of free ClickFunnels. If you think of getting started with the annual membership, you will be paying $83/month (for the standard plan), whereas the standard plan costs $249.75/month. This means you get a total 17% discount on the standard plan. 

Additional bonuses include: 

  • Free virtual Hack-a-thons. 
  • Free live video support. 
  • Free access to 100+ converting funnel templates. 

4) ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial (Added Bonus For You)

The Editor’s Pick
  • 14 Day Free Trial To clickfunnel
  • Product Secrets
  • Funnel Builders Secrets
  • Add Skills
  • Tonny Robbins Private Collection
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Free Book Template
  • Free Webinar Funnels Templates
  • Free Product lounch Funnels Templates
  • Free High Tickets Funnels Templates

Now that you know the three methods, we have one more special deal for you. 

To get access to ClickFunnels without paying a single dollar, you can grab 14 days free trial of ClickFunnels. 

14 Days Free Trial

If you are getting started with ClickFunnels, you can signup and get started for free. This is one of the best deals to grab if you are someone who is still figuring out whether ClickFunnels is right for you or not. 

Besides a free trial, you also get additional freebies such as product secrets, webinar funnel templates, Ad skills,  product launch funnel templates, and more.

You can easily head to the official website of ClickFunnels and signup to get free access to ClickFunnels. Remember, you can decide to continue using ClickFunnels or not once the 14-day free trial ends. 

And that was all the legitimate ways to grab ClickFunnels discount. 

Note: These offers are valid for a limited period, so make sure to grab the deal before it expires.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans available on ClickFunnels and I have explained all these plans in this section:

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

1. Basic Plan: The basic plan comes with monthly pricing of $147/mo and the yearly pricing is $127/mo. With this plan, you will get all the essential tools to start getting more leads and sales online. This plan offers features like 20 funnels, unlimited contacts, three custom domains, email support, FunnelFlix, 20K monthly visits, 100 pages, and three payment gateways.

2. Pro Plan: The Platinum plan comes with monthly pricing of $197/mo and the yearly pricing is $157/mo. With this plan, you will get all the features of the basic plan. It also offers you unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, three sub-users, weekly hackathons, affiliate tools called backup, and nine payment gateways & custom domains.

3. Funnel Hacker: This plan costs you $297/mo on a monthly basis and the yearly plan is $208/mo. In this plan, you will get features like unlimited funnels, 200 courses, advanced pages, unlimited pages, and many more.  

Who Can Use ClickFunnels? 

ClickFunnels is a tool built for those businesses who want to boost their sales and, at the same time, do not want to spend the coding or even know the knowledge of it. So we can say that a non-technical person can also use ClickFunnels to increase sales. 

ClickFunnels is best for business owners who: 

  • Want to use Sales Funnels to increase conversions and sales? 
  • Dont, have the time and skills to do coding and optimize the landing page. 
  • Dont want to invest irrelevantly in hiring other professionals and want to manage their team. 

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Conclusion: What’s My Verdict on ClickFunnels Coupon?

ClickFunnels is a powerful sales funnel builder that actually includes BONUSES and a variety of courses, training, and goods. 

Getting the advertising modules that ClickFunnels provides makes sense. When you evaluate the value of the ClickFunnels training bundles, they’re unbeatable.

All the deals mentioned above are the legal and authenticated ways to grab the ClickFunnels discount. 

So, what are you waiting for? The deals are available only for a limited time. Grab the deal before it expires! 

I hope my article on ClickFunnels Discounts helped you in serving additional discounts and benefits. If you have any queries, you can drop them in the comment section below and I will help you resolve the issue immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ClickFunnel worth paying for?

Yes, ClickFunnel is worth investing in. ClickFunnels additionally provides a variety of training and courses to assist you in creating high-converting sales funnels. There are other ClickFunnels options. None of them, however, had the same level of mastery over funnels as ClickFunnels.

Does ClickFunnel offer any discount codes?

Unfortunately, ClickFunnel does not have an official discount code available. However, there are other ways to get a ClickFunnels discount. In the article above, I have mentioned various methods that will you up to a 44% discount and free six months of ClickFunnels. 

Can I get ClickFunnel for free?

Yes, ClickFunnel offers a 14-day free trial. You can signup and get 14 days of free ClickFunnel account. After 14 days, you can decide whether you want to continue using ClickFunnel or not. 

Do I get any money-back guarantee with ClickFunnels?

Yes, ClickFunnels comes with a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee. Within the first 30 days of signing up with ClickFunnels, you can apply for a refund anytime. 

Will I be able to cancel my free trial?

Yes, to avoid getting charged by ClickFunnels, you can cancel the free trial before the 14th day. If you fail to do so, you will be charged for the subscription. 

How secure are my funnels?

Security is the main purpose and top priority for ClickFunnels; they are built from the ground up to secure funnels, members, and subscribers.

How do I cancel my ClickFunnels account?

To cancel your account, you need to log in to your ClickFunnels account now tap on the setting account button and then hit on cancel my account.

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