Lucky you! You get to listen in on real-life Mastermind conversations. In this episode, you’ll hear from an Entrepreneur CEO sharing a business challenge.   

Then a group of smart business owners will give that person nitty-gritty, honest insight and practical advice to solve that problem.

Be prepared for your own “ah-ha’ moments as these entrepreneurs share their no-bullshit experiences of what’s working in business today.



Taylor Bradford is host & creator of the Boss Girl Creative podcast & community. In 2011, Taylor started a blogging tip/tricks series entitled #bloggingedumacation on her lifestyle blog, Taylor Bradford Blog. After writing over 40 lessons, she decided to take her lessons and advice and turn them into a podcast which launched in July 2015. Her podcast teaches the nitty gritty of blogging and social media and growing an online empire. Taylor has a passion for teaching and helping other Creative Entrepreneurs. She has a knack for business and a life-long dream of sharing it with her fellow Boss Girls.

TAYLOR’S DESCRIPTION OF HER HOT SEAT TOPIC: I absolutely loathe the sales process. It’s my least favorite thing to do because I absolutely hate to be smarmy. I don’t depend on this business to pay bills/feed my family, so I don’t have to hustle the sales part. I’m super passionate about what I do and how I teach and who I teach, but I do not like selling. So I’d love to brainstorm some more ways I can incorporate things I can sell – without being smarmy. And without sounding like a used car salesman (which by the way – I am that – ha! my hubs & I own a used car lot, but I am the least typical used car lot person – you either want it or you don’t)
IT’S IMPORTANT TO TAYLOR  BECAUSE: While I don’t need the additional income for bill paying purposes or food on the table purposes, I would like to increase my revenues 30% in 2018.









Ashley Wilson: Born in Pittsburgh, PA and made it to Nashville by way of Los Angeles. I started off in the music industry and quickly realized that I wanted to start my own business. I launched Everest & Co. in July of 2016 and quit my music industry job in January of 2017. Check out Ashley’s Hot Seat on Episode 22 by clicking here.  

Linsi Brownson: Linsi is the fierce leader-of-the-pack at Spark Collaborative, a female run creative agency. Linsi is a business coach and creative director helping business owners ditch the baggage and get laser focused on doing the work they actually want to do. Check out Linsi’s episode 24 here.

Kirsty Briscoe: Kirsty is the owner of Paleo Folks, a grain free baking mix company that you can find in select Whole Foods Market stores and on Amazon. She also runs a fun and family-friendly meal planning service called The Menu Membership that helps get over 1200 easy and delicious paleo meals on the table for busy families. Check out Kirsty’s episode 25 here.

Jessica Rodriguez: Jessica Rodriguez is a Business and Visibility Strategist and Podcast Host. Check out Jessica’s Episode 7 by clicking here.  

Rebecca Undem: A professional development expert with nearly a decade of experience, she’s a highly sought-after speaker, travelling the country, sharing her message of how to live BIG regardless of what you do for a profession or where you happen to be. Check out Rebecca’s Hot Seat on Episode 6 by clicking here.  



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