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Does EverWebinar Offer any Coupon Codes?

EverWebinar is not offering any type of coupon code as of now, but as we are now partnered with EverWebinar we have broken a special offer for you where you can try EverWebinar for 14 days for $1 only using our special link. 

We recommend our readers to try EverWebinar 14 days trial period for $1 so that you can save a chunk of money. This is a limited-time offer so catch this offer before its end. 

How to Claim EverWebinar Discount (Step by Step)

Here are the steps to claim a discount on EverWebinar. Let us have a look at it. 

Step 1: Use our special EverWebinar link to land on the free trial page and choose the plan which you want. 


Step 2: Now on the next step you need to fill in your billing information by providing your name, Email address, and residential address and click ‘Continue’. 


Step 3: Your information is saved on the cart now you need to click on Continue. 


Step 4: Now you have to fill in your payment information and click on Submit Payment. 


Following these steps, your 14 days of the trial will get started. 

Note – Use our special link to get this offer. 

EverWebinar Overview: In A Nutshell

EverWebinar is a platform that helps you to create pre-recorded webinars that have a look like live webinars. 

This platform is ideal for those who run companies can increase sales simply by supporting existing webinars to happy customers and also attract more possible customers. 

EverWebinar Discount  - Overview

Everwebinar has a powerful tool which helps you to create automated webinar which means you can upload pre-recording videos and convert into webinar training with a registered attendant. 

EverWebinar Features & Benefits:

The Editor’s pick
  • Pre design landing pages
  • Automated Email Communication
  • Automated Webinar
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Pre design landing pages:

EverWebinar has a large collection of pre-design landing pages in order to increase the registration where no coding is required. 

You can also plug the registration form straight away into your website by simply doing copy or paste. 

  • Automated Email Communication: 

With automated email communication features, you can send full email and SMS to the subscriber in the loop it’s not a  matter how many and when you SMS or email, so that you can communicate with your subscriber. 

EverWbinar-Automated Email Communication
  • Automated Webinar:

An automated webinar helps you to record your presentation so the members can easily watch this presentation at any time. Automation is the best and fast way to boost your business. 

  • Flexible Scheduling:

This flexible scheduling feature helps you to schedule your system to create an automated webinar presentation. This feature also has an email scheduling option where you can schedule as many email reminders as you can. 

EverWebinar-Flexible Scheduling

EverWebinar Pricing Plan: (Which Plans To Choose?)

EverWebinar comes with 3 different pricing plans which fit your budget. 


Let’s have a look at all its pricing plans with their features:

1. Installment Plan: This is yearly plan comes with $199 with three easy installment fees. In this plan, you can get an advanced simulation tools, pre-made landing pages, automated email marketing, automated webinar, and other cool features. 

2. Annual Plan: This plan costs you $499 annually. You can save a chunk of money if you go with this plan. You can get all features that the Installment plan offers. 

3. Biennial Plan: This plan comes with $799 for two years with advanced features and benefits if you go with this plan you can save a huge amount of money. 

Money Back Guarantee:

EverWebinar offers 30 days of risk-free money-back guarantee to its users. In any case or reason if you are not satisfied with its service or feature you can get a 100% refund no questions were asked. To get your refund you just need to contact its support team and you get a full refund within 5 working days. 

EverWebinar Alternatives:

Here we listed some best alternatives of EverWebinar:

  • GoTo Webinar
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Zoom Video
  • Demio
  • Get Response 

EverWebinar: Pros and Cons

Pros Of EverWebinar

  • Easy to use 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Automated live chat
  • Automated email and sms 
  • Money back guarantee
  • Integration

Cons Of EverWebinar

  • Data reporting need improvement
  • Poor customer support

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Final Thoughts:

In my opinion, EverWebinar is a powerful webinar that organizes live events. With this tool, you can record and automate and make it useable to the appropriate audience. 

Get EverWebinar for $1

EverWebinar has a cheap and reasonable pricing plan for its subscribers. They also offer 14 days of the trial at just $1 only, so I can recommend you to go with the trial offer. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I get charged for an Automated Webinar?

Yes, you can either provide Webinar for free or for a fee. To get more information, click here.

Can I use my own landing page?

Absolutely, you can use your own landing page with its easy-to-add register button to copy and paste on your site.

Does it offer any free trial?

EverWebinar offers 14 days of free trial for its new subscribers, but you need to pay $1 for the free trial.

Does EverWebinar offer a money-back guarantee?

For any reason, if you are not satisfied with EverWebinar, you can get a 100% refund if you request within 30 days of subscribing to it.

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