7+ Best Semrush Alternatives Of 2024 (Top Picks)

SEMrush alternatives

Finding a complete Semrush alternative is not that easy!

Come on; you know what we mean!

Semrush offers a complete suite of SEO, SEM, and SMM features. Getting all such features in one single tool isn’t technically possible.

Note: If you haven’t tried Semrush yet and still looking for Semrush alternatives. We would say sign up for Semrush free trial and try it for FREE—no harm in taking free stuff. 

In order to solve the hassle, we dig deep and come up with the best available Semrush alternatives to try.

What’s more, we have tried listing which tools are best for what? Like, MOZ Pro seems good for keyword research and site audits; however, Ahrefs comes in handy for keyword research and backlinks. 

All the tools listed here have been tested and tried by us. In fact, we have been using many of these tools for years. So it’s the only post you need to choose the right Semrush alternatives.

Let’s have a look at the table to skim through the best Semrush alternatives.

7+ Best Semrush Alternatives & Competitors

Here are listed some of our handpicked Semrush alternatives.

AlternativePriceBest ForFree Trial
1. Ahrefs$99Competitive analysis
Keyword research
Backlink research
Content research
Rank Tracker
No free Trial OfferedTry Ahrefs
2. Serpstat$55Rank tracking tool
Site audit tool
Positions tracking
Backlink analysis
Keyword research
No free Trial OfferedTry Serpstat
3. SEO Powersuite$299Rank monitoring
Link analysis
Keyword research
Content optimization
SEO Powersuite also has a forever-free planTry SEO Powersuite
4. SpyFu$33/ moDomain comparison
Keyword research, competitor research, Rank tracker,
backlink checker, SERP checker, SEO Reports
30 Days money-back guaranteeTry Spyfu
5. Mangools$29.90Keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlinks Analysis, SEO Metrics & more. 10 Days Free TrialTry Mangools
6. Majestic$49.99
Site explorer
Backlink checker
Domain comparison tool
Link profile fight
Search explorer
Rank Tracker
No Free TrialTry Majestic
7. Raven Tools$39/mo
Site auditor
Backlink analysis
Google Data studio
Rank tracking
Keyword Research
7 Days Free TrialTry Raven Tools

List Of 7+ Best Semrush Alternatives Of 2024

Here is a list of 7+ Best Semrush Alternatives that you should try. So without any hassle lets dive in it.

1. Ahrefs (Best Overall Alternative)

Suited to: Everyone, beginners, intermediates, and PRO

Best For- Keyword Research, Backlinks Analysis Competitor Research, Site Audits, Content Planning. 

No doubt, Ahrefs is the overall alternative to Semrush. 

We have already done an in-depth comparison of Semrush vs Ahrefs here.

As per our experience, Ahrefs is the clear winner when compared to Semrush. Ahrefs has way more features to offer; also, they have the largest backlinks database next to Semrush. 

When compared to Semrush, Ahrefs wins the crown with a better user interface, accurate search volume, and data, the best SERP analysis, and at last – the best keyword research tool in the market. 

Some of the robust tools that Ahrefs offer:

  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Backlinks Analyzer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audits 
  • Alerts 
  • SEO Tool Bar (Chrome & Firefox Extension)

Check the screenshot of Ahrefs Dashboard:

Ahrefs - Dashboard

With the tools listed above, you will get various easy-to-use features listed below: 

Batch Analysis, Content Gap, Domain Comparison, Link Intersect, Backlinks Analysis, Broken Link Checker, Domain Authority Checker, SEO Analyzer, Disavow tool, and so on. 

Ahrefs - Organic Search

Well, let us give you a brief overview of some of its robust modules in action:

Keyword Research:

The Keyword Research module of Ahrefs can easily get data from these search engines – Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. Check the screenshot below to have an idea of what kind of metric Ahrefs Offers. 

Ahrefs - Keyword Research

SEO Toolbar: 

This is our favorite Ahrefs module of all time, as Ahrefs comes with an SEO toolbar for popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. It comes in handy while doing research and checking traffic, domain analysis, and other metrics on the go.

Ahrefs - SEO ToolBar

With the SEO toolbar, you can easily analyze both the page and domain-level stats for any website. And no doubt, this is our favorite feature when it comes to doing research and analysis on the go. 

What Makes Ahrefs Stand Out?

Semrush and Ahrefs are kind of similar when it comes to the tools and features offered. However, when it comes to backlinks and keyword research, SEO-related features for sure Ahrefs NAILED IT!

In one aspect, Semrush outranks Ahrefs as it tends to offer other marketing toolkit features such as PPC & advertising, social media posters, brand mentions, and other useful tools.

Comparing The Pricing of Ahrefs and Semrush:

First of all, Ahrefs offers a seven-day free trial for $7 I think is feasible to check out all the features that Ahrefs offers. With the trial period, you can easily uncover all the features that Ahrefs offers. 

The base pricing plan of Ahrefs starts at $99/month, and the high-end plan goes like $999/month. You can check the detailed pricing of Ahrefs here. Comparison to Semrush, where the PRO plan starts at $119.95 per month. So you can say, Ahrefs is a bit more affordable compared to Semrush. 

Verdict: Ahrefs is a one-stop SEO tool that certainly replaces Semrush. No doubt, if you’re a blogger, business owner, freelancer, SEO agency – Ahrefs is the best shot to take. However, make sure if you’re running 4-5 websites, we would suggest getting started with the Advanced Plan. 

2. Serpstat (Best in Budget Alternative)

Best For: Keyword research, backlinks analysis, SERP analysis, competitor research, etc.

Serpstat is the best alternative to Semrush (for people on a budget).  

Serpstat is a power-packed growth hacking tool for SEO agencies, PPC advertisers, and content marketers out there. 

It has all the SEO modules you need, such as – keyword research, backlinks analysis, competitors research, SERP analysis, and so on. 

As per our Team digging, Serpstat has the biggest database of 3.5 billion keywords right in their Google USA database. Also, it has around 5.34 billion keywords database all over the world.

 To best honest, Serpstat hasn’t a big database compared to the giant Semrush. However, it’s the best in budget and reliable alternative to Semrush. 

Well, talking about the features, Serpstat comes with tons of robust features such as

Keyword research, Search analytics, Ads analysis, competitors research, keywords rank tracking, content marketing ideas, on-page audits, marketing intelligence, API, backlinks analysis, reports and infographics, and so on.

Serpstat -Organic Keyword

Let’s talk about what kind of metrics it shows while doing keyword research. 

While doing keyword research with Serpstat, it shows various important metrics such as keywords – volume, competitor, difficulty, and CPC. It shows all details which is kind of that Semrush displays. 

Serpstat - Keyword Research

What’s more, Serpstat also offers a free plugin that helps you to analyze websites on the go. While trying Serpstat, we found out that you get many SEO analyses such as page analyses, domain analyses, and on-page SEO analyses with a single click. 

Serpstat -Domain Analysis

The best part is that Serpstat also offers a free trial which helps you get a sneak peek into the tool itself.

Serpstat stands apart from many aspects such as interface, pricing, and other robust features.

Comparing the pricing of Semrush to Serpstat.

Also, the price of Serpstat starts at like $69 per month, whereas Semrush pricing starts at $119.95/mo. Give Serpstat a shot if you’re on a budget. 

With the base plan of Serpstat, you get around 4000 queries per day along with 10,000 results per report. On the other hand, Semrush only gives 3000 reports per day with 10,000 analytics per report at $119.95/mo. For sure, Serpstat outranks Semrush when it comes to pricing. 

You can check all the pricing plans of Serpstat here. The plan comes with all essential and advanced features to help you take your SEO game to the next level. Also, all the plans come with access to 230 Google databases and the nine databases of Yandex.

Verdict: Serpstat is good to go if you’re on a budget. Serpstat is best suited to – small businesses, SEO agencies, or you’re someone starting a new blog or online venture to implement SEO. For sure, Serpstat is a cheap alternative to Semrush, and it doesn’t overcharge you for features that you don’t need, such as brand mentions, social media posters, etc. 

3. SEO Powersuite (Complete Alternative to Semrush)

SEO Powersuite is our all-time favorite SEO tool available out there.  

If you’re someone looking for desktop apps for managing your SEO efforts, SEO Powersuite has got your back. 

SEO Powersuite has robust desktop apps for Mac and Windows. This tool offers rankings, on-page, and backlinks, and reports everything in one easy-to-use toolkit. 

Compared to Semrush, The SEO Powersuites offers complete SEO tools that are listed below: 

SEO SpyGlass: Backlinks Research & Auditing

SEO Powersuite - Backlinks Research

Link Assitant: Link Building & Management

 SEO Powersuite - Website Auditer

Website Auditor: SEO Spider & On-Page Optimization

Rank Tracker: Keyword Research & Rank Monitoring

SEO Powersuite - Rank Tracker

SEO Powersuite is undoubtedly one of Semrush competitors and offers reliable SEO tools at an affordable cost. 

Comparing SEO Powersuite pricing to Semrush…

Note: If you want to save your money on the purchase of an SEO Powersuite subscription then check out our SEO Powersuite discount code.

Compared to Semrush, SEO Powersuite comes with super-competitive pricing and covers all search engines. It offers modules of SEO tools such as unlimited site audits, keyword research, backlinks, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and so on. 

The best part is that SEO Powersuite also has a forever-free plan that gives you unlimited domains and keywords. If you’re a newbie, try signing up for that. 

The pricing of SEO Powersuite starts at a $299 yearly plan suited best to beginners and intermediates. Also, it has an enterprise plan which costs around $699 yearly and is best suited to SEO experts and SEO agencies. 

Verdict: SEO Powersuite is way cheaper than Semrush and Ahrefs. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate, we highly recommend this tool as SEO Powersuite is the perfect SEO solution for agencies, marketers, and newbie bloggers. However, it lags in speed and data compared to Semrush. However, it’s the best cheap alternative available.

4. Spyfu (The Complete In-Budget To Semrush)

Best For: Keyword Research, Backlinks Analysis, Rank Tracker, Domain Comparison, PPC Research, SEO Reports, SERP Checker, and so on. 

No doubt, Spyfu is the most comprehensive SEO tool available out there. It comes with a complete set of tools such as SEO Research, PPC Research, Keyword Research, Backlinks Checker, Rank Tracker, and so on. 

SpyFu also has an index of around 7 billion results across 96 million domains.

With the SpyFu suite, you can easily get robust features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracker, domain comparison, backlinks tool, PPC keyword research, SEO reports, SERP checker, domain overview, and so on. 

Comparing The Tools & Features With Semrush…

While using SpyFu, we found the data presentation pretty useful, as SPyFu displays data in the form of a Venn Diagram right with the Kombat features. This way, you can efficiently analyze data and statistics. 

The keyword research process is similar to Semrush as almost it has the same grouping as Semrush. The only down part is, the filtering keyword feature isn’t as smooth as Semrush. 

Spyfu - Filtering Keyword

Also, the backlinks analysis reports are good but not that great compared to pioneer tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs. 

Spyfu - Backlinks Analysis

One of the down parts of SpyFuis that you can’t do PLA research, or display advertising research. However, you can easily do PPC advertising research and other PPC research on the go. 

Spyfu - PPC Reserach

The cool feature of SpyFu is, it has recently introduced a robust feature called AdWords Template. This feature enables you to easily download the template and easily upload the keyword right to their AdWords account. 

Spyfu - Adword Template

Also, it has a robust and new “Business Leads” feature, which most of the SEO tools don’t offer. With this feature, you can easily get the prospects and contact details of people in your niche. We liked this feature while doing the outreach process, and it’s super handy. 

Comparing Prices of SpyFu and Semrush…

The basic plan of SpyFu costs $39/month, whereas the pricing plan of Semrush starts at $119.95 for the monthly plan. This plan of SpyFu comes with unlimited features such as unlimited domain analysis, keyword research, backlinks analysis, domain comparison, and so on. 

Getting such features at this price point is quite good. Also, you’re backed with 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like the SpyFu tool. 

Verdict: SpyFu is the ideal solution for beginners who are getting started. Also, small businesses ranging from beginners to intermediates are good to go with SpyFu. It has got all the tools and features you need to level up your SEO game. 

5. Mangools (Best Alternatives for Beginners)

Best For: Keyword research, SERP analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlinks Analysis, SEO Metrics & Insights. 

No doubt, Mangools suite of SEO tools is the best Semrush alternative for beginners. The interface of the tool is easy and good for beginners. Also, you will be able to find every tool in place and use them effectively. 

Most of SEO tools have a clingy interface; however, that’s not the case with Mangools. The interface is super smooth, and even a total beginner can easily get started with keyword research, link building, and other SEO tasks. 

With Mangools, you can easily get a pretty decent recommendation of keywords along with a quick view of SERP (search engine result pages). 

 Mangools - Keyword Filtering

If we keep on saying this tool is good for beginners, that doesn’t mean it’s a weak tool. All the metrics and data it shows are reliable and robust; the features are too good at this pricing. 

Comparing Mangools to Semrush, this tool comes with a lot of features at your disposal. Such as you can play with various tools to find keywords, track rankings, quickly analyze SERPs, and so on. 

 Mangools - Keyword Tracking Ranking

To put it simply, Mangools is not the lightest SEO tool; it’s a complete suite of SEO tools. 

 Mangools - SEO tool

The SERP checker of Mangools is even better than the Semrush SERP analyzer. 

 Mangools - SERP Analyzer

Comparing the Pricing of Mangools With Semrush.

The base plan of Mangools starts at $29.90 per month, and the Mangools Agency plan costs like $79.90 per month. All the plans come with robust, essential, and advanced features to help you grow your online venture. You can also start with Mangoole free trial without using any credit card!

As you can see, the base plan of Semrush costs like $119.95/mo, and seeing the pricing of Mangools. We can say, Mangools is the most affordable and best Semrush alternative for beginners out there. 

Verdict: Mangools is the best alternative to Semrush for beginners. It has got a complete suite of SEO tools to help you make the most use of it. Also, the pricing is super affordable. New bloggers and freelancers should get started with Mangools without any second thought. 

Best For Backlinks Analysis and Link Building 

Majestic is a solid competitor to Semrush, especially for backlinks and link building. Simply put, Majestic has mastered the art of backlinks, and they are deeply focused on links only. 

Fact: As per our digging, the backlinks profile of Majestic is even greater than Semrush. While using the tool, we found that it displays visual reports and analytics right with a strong backlinks profile. What’s more, it also shows some other important metrics such as citation flow and trust flow. 

What we liked about Majestic, it comes with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to provide backlinks data on the go. 

The Majestic tool has two index options: Fresh and Historical Index. 

The fresh index keeps the data up to date right within the last four months, like 120 days. Also, the data includes lost and new backlinks within that specific period. 

On the other hand, you will have data from like last five years with the historic index. 

Some of the robust features that Majestic comes with such as: 

  • Bulk Backlinks Checker: Enter up to 400 URLs to check backlinks quickly. 
Majestic - Backlink Checker
  • Site Explorer: This tool displays citation flow, trust flow, and topical flow. 
Majestic - Site Explorer
  • Domain Comparison Tool: Compare 10 domains side by side
Majestic - Domain Comparison Tool
  • Link Profile Fight: Graph of citation flow vs. the trust flow.
Majestic - Link Profile Fight
  • Clique Hunter: Robust tool to explore link-building opportunities. 

If you have used the tools like Ahrefs and Moz Pro, the feature is similar where you can add 10 URLs and find sites that are linking to them. 

Some of the other cool features that we liked about Majestic are:

  • Search Explorer: The robust search engine of Majestic. It displays all the results based on the target keyword. 
Majestic - Search Explorer
  • Neighborhood Checker: It gives a list of all the IPs and subnets which are used host sites. 
Majestic - Neighborhood Checker

Overall, we say Majestic is a robust tool for backlinks and link building. 

Comparing the Majestic and Semrush pricing: 

The Majestic tool isn’t that expensive; the lite plan of Majestic costs $49.99/mo, whereas the PRO plan costs $99.99/mo. 

The base plan doesn’t have other robust features such as email alerts, keyword checkers, search explorer. To get these features, you need to get started with the Pro plan. 

When we compare the pricing of Majestic to Semrush, we found that pricing is affordable, seeing all the features that Majestic offers. However, we recommend getting started with the pro plan to get the most juice out of this tool. 

Verdict: If you only need an SEO tool for backlinks and link building, Majestic is the best tool in the market. As it has more backlinks database compared to Semrush. However, it’s only limited to backlinks and link building. 

7. Raven Tools

Best For: Site Audits, Backlinks Checker, Marketing reports, Keyword Research, Link Spy, Social Media, Google Data Studio, White Label Reports. 

Raven Tools is a one-stop SEO solution as it has amazing SEO and reporting tools. Also, it has a reasonable price, and it comes with robust features such as SEO audit, rank tracking, marketing reports, keyword research, and so on. 

Raven Tools - Website Audit

Well compared to Semrush, Raven tools is the most appropriate alternative as it comes with a complete SEO solution such as: 

  • Site Auditor: The site Auditor comes with various audits, such as on-page technical issues. Also, it gives you ways to fix issues with your website. 
Raven Tools - Site Auditor
  • Backlinks Analysis: It uses the backlinks index of Majestic API to pull backlinks of the site. You can easily do backlinks analysis on the go. 
Raven Tools - Backlinks Analysis
  • Rank Tracking: Yes, you can track ranks on various search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. 
Raven Tools - Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research:  It displays all the keyword info such as Google trends, long-tail keywords, etc. 
Raven Tools - Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research: You can spy on competitors with various metrics such as backlinks, citation flow, trust flow, DA, page speed, and so on. 
Raven Tools - Competitor Research
  • Search Analytics: You can easily integrate these tools with Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Link Building Manager: This tool allows you to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. This way, you can find opportunities for link-building. 
Raven Tools - Link Building Manager

In addition to these tools, you will also get some cool features like social media management, white label reporting, content management, keyword tracking, task manager, client white label reports, customized dashboard, and so on. 

Comparing the pricing of Raven Tools with Semrush.

The base plan of Raven Tool comes starts at $39/mo, and the high-end plan starts at $139/mo. At the same time, the Semrush pricing plan starts at $119.95/mo, which is quite expensive compared to Raven tools. 

What’s more, all the plans that Raven tools offer come with 45+ advanced tools and data, which helps you boost your SEO and reporting. Also, you can try all of their plan for free; give Raven Tools a shot here. 

Verdict: Raven Tool is a robust SEO tool for bloggers, SEO Agencies, and serious marketers out there. It comes with all the features to help you take your SEO game to the other level.

Best Free Semrush Alternative & Competiros

So these are the free Semrush alternatives that you can try.

1. Ubersuggest (Best Free Semrush Alternative)

Best For: Keyword Research, SEO Analysis, SEO Audit, and Backlink Analysis.

If you’re in marketing and SEO, you should be familiar with a big name like Neil Patel. He has recently launched a free tool called Ubersuggest. 

The Ubersuggest is not a complete replacement for tools like Semrush. However, it comes with various modules such as SEO analysis, SEO checker, SEO Audit reports, backlinks checker, and so on. 

Ubersuggest - SEO Analysis

Yes, Uberssuggest is the best free Semrush alternative as it has robust tools to help with keyword research and various other aspects. If you’re just getting started as a blogger with little budget, we would suggest trying Ubersuggest. 

Ubersuggest - Keyword Research

When it comes to keyword research with Ubersuggets, it shows various important metrics such as search volume, CPC, and SEO difficulty. What else you can expect from a free tool like Ubersuggest? 

The best part about Ubersuggest is that it has an easy-to-use interface, also. If you want to upgrade, you only have to spend like $10/month. 

Verdict:  Ubersuggest is the reliable free SEO for beginners out there. However, it’s not the complete replacement for Semrush. If you’re someone who has a serious budget issue, Ubersuggest is the best to go with. 

2. Keywordtool.io

Best For: Keyword Research 

Well, Keywordtool.io is another freemium tool to do keyword research on the go. You can easily do keyword research on the go; also, it suggests long-tail variations of keywords.

Keyword Tool - Overview

Also, the keywords data metrics it shows are reliable in comparison to other free tools in the market. 

Verdict: Keywordtool.io is a reliable and free keyword research tool. It’s a good choice for new bloggers and marketers out there.

3. Screaming Frog 

Best For: Website Audits

With the ScreamingFrog tool, you can easily do site audits for free. The Screaming Frog suits for both small and big websites to run site audits easily. 

It has a free version which comes with some limited features. However, the paid version of ScreamingFrog comes with robust features such as scheduled audits, finding broken links and redirects, AMP crawling, and validation. 

Screaming Frog  - Website Audits

Verdict: If you’re someone looking for a reliable tool to perform SEO audits, Screaming Frog is the best shot. You can use it for like 500 URLs for free. You can upgrade to a paid version if you need other advanced features.

4. RankWatch:

Best For: Competitor Analysis

RankWatch is a cloud-based internet marketing tool that has its own Artificial Intelligence. It also helps SEO agencies and website owners to pinpoint the key areas where the website is losing its traffic and where it gaining traffic such as backlinks, ranking, analytics, competitors, and many more. It also analyzes and provides intelligence data which helps in boosting your revenue. 

RankWatch Overview

It is currently industry superior in this era and is growing fastly each and every year. Its client base has surpassed more than 30 thousand users and still growing fastly. 

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Conclusion: Which is the best alternative to Semrush?

Simply put, Semrush is not for everyone. You can use various alternatives instead of Semrush, such as Ahrefs, Serpstat, Moz Pro.

For some, Ahrefs might seem a bit expensive, so you can try Serpstat or SpyFu instead. Both these tools are good-to-go options for bloggers and marketers out there.

Similarly, if you’re looking for backlinks and link-building tools, Majestic is the premium option available.

We hope these Semrush alternatives serve your purpose well.

Which tool are you gonna go with? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

FAQs on Semrush Alternatives

Can I try Semrush for free?

Yes, Semrush comes with a free trial of both the Pro and the Guru plan. Using our exclusive link, you can signup for the free trial easily.

Is there any free alternative to Semrush?

Semrush is a paid tool, so there is no free tool that can completely replace Semrush for free. However, you can try tools such as Ubersuggest.

Who are the Semrush competitors?

There are other SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Serpstat, Moz Pro are some of the known Semrush competitors and alternatives.

Which one is better: Ahrefs or Semrush?

To be honest, Ahrefs has a pretty decent interface, and it has robust metrics and data when it comes to keywords and backlinks. However, Semrush has some ads and social media features that set it apart.

Are there any tools to do keyword research for free?

Yes, you can use tools such as Ubersuggest to do keywords research for free. Another free tool for keyword research is Keywordtool.io. You can use these tools to do keyword research for free.

Which is the best overall alternative to Semrush?

The best overall Semrush alternatives are Ahrefs, Serpstat, SpyFu, Raven Tools, etc.

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