Semrush Coupon & Promo 2024: (Exclusive 17% Discount)

On the fence about choosing a working Semrush coupon & promo to get an exclusive discount?

Well, if so, we have got your back! 

There is no available Semrush Coupon that helps you get a discount; instead of that, you claim Semrush 30 days account for FREE. 

SEMrush is more than just an SEO tool, as it has robust modules for SEM, PPC, Social Media, competitive research, and so on. If you’re a marketer, I’m sure the Semrush name is enough for its brand image. 

So without further ado, let’s help you make use of our Semrush Coupon & Promo and help you try this robust platform for FREE. 

Steps To Claim Semrush Coupon & Promo : 

Below we have listed the steps that you should follow to claim the Semrush coupon code. Let’s get started. 

Step#1: Visit the Semrush homepage using our exclusive discount link and click on the pricing. 

Semrush Homepage

Step#2: Now on the pricing section choose the annual plan and select any plan according to your need. Now hit the Subscribe button.  

Semrush Pricing Plans

Step#3: In this step, you are asked to create your account by entering your email id and password. 

Create Account

Step#4: In the very final step you have to enter your payment information and click on Subscribe. 

Payment Details

How to Claim Semrush 30 Days Free Trial (Steps Listed)

KickAss MasterMinds exclusive links enable you to get seven days of a free trial of Semrush- All In One Marketing Platform. 

So here, I’ll guide you to easily make use of our Semrush coupon & promo codes to get your exclusive trial right away. 

Step #1: To quickly redeem our Semrush Coupon, you need to visit their official page here. 

SEMrush Coupon

Note: Using our exclusive link, the Semrush coupon will get activated automatically. So you don’t have to enter any physical coupon or something like that. 

Step #2: On the next step, you will land on the official page; you need to just click on the “Start Your 7 Days Free Trial Now” 

Then, you need to create an account with Semrush and then verify your email address by entering the verification code there. 

SEMrush code

Step #3: In this step, you need to enter payment details and billing information to claim the Semrush coupon.

Don’t worry; you will not be charged a single penny to claim Semrush Promo Code. As you will see on the right side of the screen, the billed amount is like $0.0 (not a single penny).

SEMrush Payment Option

And at last, you have to click on the place order button. It will help you create a Semrush account without charging you a single penny. 

So this is how you can easily use our Semrush coupon to claim the Semrush 30 days trial without any hassle.

Why Use Our Semrush Coupon Code?

We have seen this question coming from most of our readers. Why should anyone use our exclusive link to claim the Semrush trial? 

To be transparent, we have tied hands with the Semrush team to help you try Semrush without any hassle. With our exclusive link, you can get a Semrush trial worth like $119.95 without paying a single dime.

 And if you search finding Semrush 7 days free trial on the site itself, you won’t get any 7 days Semrush free trial offer. This is a curated deal only for KickAss MasterMinds readers, and like other deals, it’s for a limited time – make sure to grab the golden opportunity. 

Note: If you wanna claim a free trial of the Semrush guru plan, go through our post on Semrush free trial here.

What features You will Get With Our Semrush Promo Code?

Well, once you apply the Semrush coupon, it will help you create your Semrush free trial account.  

Now you might be wondering what kind of features you are going to get with your SEMrush account. So here we’re sharing the features you are going to get with SEMrush’s all-in-one marketing platform. 

Semrush - Features

Here are some of the robust features of SEMrush that we use daily:

  • Site Audit
  • On-Page SEO Checker 
  • Position Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Backlinks Audit
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Post Tracking
  • Content Audit
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Keywords Research
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • Backlinks
  • SEO Content Template
  • Sensor
  • Gap Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Topic Research

These are some of our favorite Semrush features that we use daily for KickAssMasterMinds and our other ventures. 

Final Verdict: Semrush Coupon & Promo Code (2024)

So this is how you can make use of our link to try Semrush for free.

No doubt, Semrush is a robust tool that every serious marketer should use daily to stay on top of the game!

Semrush is a complete SEO and SEM tool that help you manage your online business effectively and easily. 

So grab your Semrush free trial using our exclusive Semrush link – No harm in taking free STUFF. 

Let us know your experience with Semrush? Did you find our Semrush Coupon helpful? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

FAQs On Semrush Coupon Codes (2024)

How to use Semrush Pro and Guru plan for free?

To use the Semrush Pro and Guru Plan for free, you have to use our exclusive link to signup for the free trial. This is the only way to use SEMrush Guru and the PRO plan.

What’s the maximum discount you get using our Semrush coupon?

So there’s no such Semrush to get any discount offer. However, if you use the SEMrush coupon code, you can get a SEMrush Pro account for FREE.

How to easily cancel the Semrush account?

To cancel the Semrush account, you can raise your account request to Else you can also manage your subscription from your Semrush subscription area and dashboard. 

Is Semrush data accurate and reliable?

Yes, Semrush data is accurate on which you can rely. Their keyword database no has around 7.7 Billion keywords indexed. Semrush is a pioneer tool, so you don’t have to worry about the data and reports it shows. 

Where does Semrush get its data?

Semrush has around 130 databases that store billions of keywords from search engine indexes. Semrush bots crawl the whole web to easily collect data for keywords, ads copies, backlinks data, domain information, and so on. 

How often does Semrush update its database?

As per the official resources, Semrush updates its database every day. They mainly update around 6 million keywords daily. 

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