360 Training Discount Code 2024 [Exclusive Discount]

Planning to buy a course on 360 Training? Before you do that, check out this 360 Training discount code to save a few bucks on your purchase.

360 Training is a platform that offers you more than 6000 courses that basically cover most of the soft and technical skills. You can learn the courses of your choosing and develop a skill that’ll help you progress in your career. You can learn about food & beverage, real estate, the environment, and so on.

The courses available on 360 Training are affordable, and with these exclusive 360 Training discount codes, you can save your money on the purchase. I will also explain how you can claim these offers with a step-by-step guide.

Let’s get started.

Available 360 Training Discount Code 2024

Here are the best 360 Training discount codes:

Coupon 1. If you are purchasing Environment Health & Safety courses and your order value is $500 or above, then use code “EHS35NOW” to save $35 on your purchase instantly.

Coupon 2. Buy OSHA10 at a discount of $5 using code “OSHA5”. If you buy OSHA30, then use code “OSHA10” to save $10 on your purchase.

Coupon 3. If you are purchasing Food & Alcohol Training courses and the order value is $150 or above, then use code “FB10NOW” to save $10 on your purchase instantly. If you are buying only one course of this category, then use “360FB5” to save 5% on your purchase.

Coupon 4. If you are an agent and want to purchase Real Estate Pre-License Package from 360 Training, then use code “PRE30” at the time of checkout to save 30% on your purchase.

So these are the available offers on 360 Training. These offers won’t last long, so I suggest you buy the courses using these coupons to save your money.

How To Claim 360 Training Discount Code?

I’ve explained all the offers that are available on 360 Training right now. Now I will explain how you can claim these offers without any hassle.

Step #1: Visit the official website of 360 Training using this link. Now select any one of the categories to browse the courses of it. The categories will look something like this.

360 Training-Overview

Step #2: It will ask you to select a state. You can browse the courses state-wise or all of them at once. Now select any one of the courses. To move to the checkout option, you need to click on the “Buy Now” button.

Select A Course

Step #3: You can see the pricing of the course you’ve selected. You can also add more courses from the checkout directly. On the right side, you will see the discount code box. You need to enter one of the coupons from the above section. The discount will be applied immediately. Click on the “Checkout” button as soon as you’re done.

Apply The Discount Code

Step #4: Now, you need to create a new account on 360 Training or log in to your existing account. To create a new account, you need to enter your name, email, phone, username, and password. Once you fill out all the information, click on the “Continue” button.

Step #5: Now, enter your mailing address. You need to enter the country, ZIP code, city, state, and street address. Click on the “Continue” button to move forward.

Enter Your Mailing Address

Step #6: You need to pay for the course you’ve selected using PayPal or a credit card. Fill out the necessary information and then click on place order.

Enter Payment Details

You’ve successfully purchased a course or a bundle of courses on 360 Training using the discount code. You will receive a confirmation email at your email address. Now you can log in to 360 Training and learn the courses.

360 Training Pricing Plans

The pricing of the courses on 360 Training is different from one another. There are four major categories of 360 Training, and they also have subcategories that include many courses. I will explain the pricing of the courses in brief and based on their category.

360 Training Pricing Plans

1. Food & Beverage: Learn2Serve teaches all the courses of the Food & Beverage category. It has five subcategories that include 40-60 courses each. Alcohol Seller Server training courses range between $7.50 to $40 each. The Food Handler certificate & online training courses range between $7 to $40 each. The courses of Food Manager certification range between $35 to $160. The course on Food Allergy training costs $17.99. The courses of cannabis range between $129 to $139.

2. Real Estate: Agent Campus teaches all the courses of the Real Estate category. It has four subcategories: pre-license, exam prep, post-license, and continuing education. The courses of this category are totally based on the state of US you select, and the pricing also varies accordingly.

3. Environmental Health & Safety: OSHACampus teaches the courses of this category. The courses of this category range between $50 to $400. You can select any of the courses or learn multiple courses simultaneously.

So these are the major categories of the 360 Training. There are also courses available in different industries, which you can find in the others category. All the courses of 360 Training are affordable.

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Conclusion: 360 Training Discount Code 2024

360 Training is the only platform that offers this many courses of different industries. They can help you develop any skill you want to make a career in the same industry. They offer online training as well as PDF material of the courses. They focus on your growth so you can grow in the industry you’re working in.

I hope with this exclusive 360 Training discount code 2024 you can save a few bucks on your purchase. Let me know your thoughts on 360 Training in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When my course expires?

Your will expires in 1 year from the date of subscribing it or the course hint itself.

What should I do if I lost my certificate?

For any reason, if you have lost your certificate and want a new one, log in to your account and reprint your certificate.

Do they offer any refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied or unhappy with its service you can easily claim your refund within 72 hours of purchasing it.

How can I recover my password? 

To recover your password you need to enter your username or password which is associated or you can contact its customer support team. 

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