Kicksta Coupon Code 2024: [Exclusive 40% Discount]

Kicksta Coupon Code

Are you searching for a working Kicksta coupon code? Well, you’ve landed on the right page to get that information.

Everyone loves to see an increase in their Instagram followers list. I used to see people with a huge number of followers and just used to wish to get those numbers for my account as well. There are many websites that claim that you can buy followers for your Instagram profile. Usually, they offer bots to increase the number but here on Kicksta, they offer real people as your followers.

Kicksta helps you in growing your Instagram followers with different tools. They don’t promise a specific number because all the followers are real people, not bots. But their services can be a little pricy that’s why today I brought you a working Kicksta coupon code. I also included a how-to guide in this post to claim this coupon. 

Let’s get into more details without wasting any more time.

Working Kicksta Coupon & Discount Code

People use Kicksta to increase their number of followers grow an online business or just increase their popularity. I was also searching for a way to increase the number to promote my online business. But regularly posting quality content was not working out for me. That’s when I heard about Kicksta.

At first, the pricing of Kicksta was out of my budget so I tried finding a coupon for it. I found a lot of them on the internet but only one of them was working. This coupon offers a 20% discount on all the plans of Kicksta. I just checked that this coupon is still working right now so go ahead and use it to purchase a plan on Kicksta right away. The coupon code is “Score20”. 

How To Claim Kicksta Coupon Code( Step By Step )

You already know about the Kicksta coupon now you might be wondering how you can claim this coupon. Well, I got that part covered with this how-to guide. You only need to follow these steps in the same order to get the offers.

Step #1. You will not see the offer on the website if you go there manually. That’s why I created a discount link just for you guys. Click on it and it will take you to the official website. It will look something like this.

Step #2. Click on the pricing option to see all the plans on Kicksta. There are 3 plans available right now. Choose any one of the plans based on what you want. To showcase you guys, I am selecting the Kicksta Premium Plan. You just need to click on the “Sign Up Now” button.

Kicksta Pricing Plan

Step #3. In the next step, you need to set up a brand new growth account on Kicksta. You will need to fill up your personal details such as your email address, name, phone number, and password. Once you’re done just click on the “Submit” button.

Kicksta - Create Account

Step #4. This is the last step where you will see the pricing for the selected plan. Here you will also see the I have a coupon option so just click on it and enter the coupon code “Score20”. You will see that the discount will be applied. You need to fill up your card details and then click on the get started now button.

Kicksta - Discount Offer

They will send you a confirmation email at your registered email address. Within 24 hours they will set up your Kicksta account. After that, you can log in to your account and start using it right away.

Explained Kicksta Pricing

You know about the three pricing plans of Kicksta but you don’t know their pricing and what those plans actually offer. In this section, I will cover all the details of Kicksta pricing plans so let’s get right into it.

  • 1. Kicksta Standard Plan: The Standard plan costs $49/month which is equivalent to $1.63/day. This plan is for those who just want to increase their followers for popularity. This plan offers moderate growth, onboarding courses, up to 10 Instagram targets, and so on. You can also get a TSMA growth upgrade at just $119/month with this plan.
  • 2. Kicksta Premium Plan: The Premium plan costs $99/month which is equivalent to $3.30/day. This plan is for those who want to promote their online business on Instagram. This plan offers maximum growth, up to 40 Instagram targets, VIP email support, a blacklist feature, and Kicksta’s advanced targeting feature. You will also get all the features of the Standard plan.
  • 3. Kicksta Pro Plan: This plan costs $218/month which is equivalent to $7.27/day. This plan is for those who want a rapid increase in their followers to promote their online business. You will get all the features of the Premium plan in this plan. You will also get 850+ guaranteed followers per month, no need to login to your Instagram account, a diversified audience from Global influencers, an onboarding video, and premium text support for 5 days/week.

So these are the pricing plans available on Kicksta. Now you can make a choice based on your requirements.

Pros & Cons Of Kicksta: 

Here we have given the pros & cons of Kicksta that you should know. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Target niche accounts and hashtags 
  • It can support multiple accounts 
  • Supports live chat 
  • Easy to use and quick setup 
  • Doesn’t comment or post on your behalf 
  • Thoroughly breakdown analytics 
  • Offers 14 days money back guarantee 
  • Cheap and affordable pricing 


  • Doesn’t work with Instagram ads 
  • No real person it is an automated service 

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Conclusion: Kicksta Coupon Code 2024

When I started an online business I was promoting the business using Instagram. But I was not getting anywhere because my follower list was very short. But when I started with Kicksta, I was starting to see an increase in the numbers and my business was reaching people from all over the world.

 I still use Kicksta to promote my business and to increase my followers. Well, I have introduced you to the Kicksta coupon code which is “Score20”. Let me know what you think about Kicksta in the comment section below.

FAQs On Kicksta Coupon Code

Does Kicksta offer any free trial?

No, Kicksta does not offer any free trial. You have to purchase a plan to use Kicksta.

Does Kicskta offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Kicksta offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to its users. You can get a refund within 14 days of the purchase and they won’t ask questions from you.

How many followers does Kicksta offer?

There is no particular number available on Kicksta. Because they offer followers who are actually real people. So numbers always vary based on your account activity.

Can I buy followers on Kicksta?

No, you can not buy followers on Kicksta because buying followers means low engagement with your actual audience and your account might get banned.

How does Kicksta help me increase my followers?

Kicksta uses an organic Instagram growth method called the liking method. They use AI-based technology to get your account steady growth.

Can I cancel my Kicksta account? 

Of course, you can cancel your Kicksta account when you want from the dashboard. They try to keep it as flexible as it is possible. 

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