Freshbooks Coupon 2024 — (Verified 60% Discount)

Are you searching for Freshbooks coupon codes and discounts? Well, you have landed on the correct page. 

Freshbooks is one of the best cloud accounting software in the market. To add a cherry on top, it is offering a massive 60% discount on all its plans. 

You can also grab 60% + 10% off on its annual plans without any hassle.

In this article, we are going to list the Freshbook coupon code and provide a step-by-step guide on how you can redeem the Freshbooks coupon code. 

By the end of this article, we have also reviewed Freshbooks, including its features and pricing, so that you can instantly grab the Freshbooks discount. 

So, ready to grab the Freshbooks coupon code? Let’s dive into the details! 

Working Freshbooks Coupon Codes 2024 (Verified)

Freshbooks is currently offering 60% off for six months. After six months promotional period ends, you will be charged at full price for the plan you have selected. 

Additionally, if you opt for yearly plans, you can grab a 60% promotional offer and a 10% yearly discount. After six months promotional period, you will still get a 10% yearly discount throughout the year. 

One of the best parts about the discount is that you do not need to enter the coupon code manually. You can grab the discount with the coupon-embedded link by clicking here. 

Note: The discount is applicable on all the plans (yearly and monthly). 

How To Redeem Freshbooks Coupon Code?

Redeeming the coupon code is just a few steps away. You can use the same steps as mentioned below to claim the yearly discount and monthly discount. Follow the steps given below to redeem the Freshbooks coupon code: 

Step 1: Click on our special discount link Here. 

Step 2: Select the appropriate plan as per your needs. If you are just getting started, we would suggest going with the Lite plan. Similarly, if you are an owner looking for an advanced feature, you can grab the Plus plan. For growing businesses, you can go with the platinum plan. 

Note: We have selected the Lite plan (monthly). 

Step 3: Create your Freshbooks account if you are a new customer, or you can sign in to your existing account if you are already a Freshbook user. 

Create Your Account

Step 4: Select ‘Choose plan’ on the plan you want to pick. 

Discounted Price

Step 5:  Add team members to your plan so that you can assign them tasks and send invites in Freshbooks. You can also do this part later and skip the step by clicking on the ‘Review and pay’ option. 

Freshbooks Coupon - Add Team Member
Add To Team Member

Step 6: Now, enter your card details and billing address as asked on your screen. Once done, tap on the ‘Pay Now’ option on the right side. Additionally, you can review your total payment amount on the right side of your screen.

Pay Now
Pay Now

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed Freshbooks with a 60% discount. 

Freshbooks: In A Nutshell

Freshbooks is one of the popular and best cloud accounting software designed for freelancers, small businesses, and service providers. 

Freshbooks helps you track expenses, send follow-up emails, create invoices, design estimates, track your time and progress, add team members and assign tasks, provide reports, and more. 

The smart double-entry accounting system by Freshbooks lets you save thousands of dollars on accounting costs, ensures maximum accuracy, offers protection from audits, and proves compliance. 

Freshbooks - Overview

From client management to invoices and to payments, Freshbooks has got your back. It creates a perfect balance between affordability and functionality. 

Additionally, it provides a safe and secure platform where your information is kept confidential from any third person. Moreover, you get exceptional 24/7 support from the Freshbook team through mobile, email, and knowledgebase. 

For any freelancer, self-employed, business owner, or employee, Freshbooks opens the door for time-saving and seamless accounting. 

Freshbooks: Features and Perks 

Freshbooks offers excellent features and perks for business owners and accountants. Some of the key features of Freshbooks include:

  • Freshbooks lets you customize your invoice to give your clients a personalised and professional-looking invoice that takes only a few seconds to design. 
  • FreshBooks Double-Entry Accounting recognises revenue items and their associated costs, allowing you to calculate profits and losses accurately. 
Double-Entry Accounting
  • The software lets you easily track every type of transaction with credits. FreshBooks’ Credits function lets you keep track of prepayments, overpayments, and credit notes, which you may apply to future bills. Furthermore, maintain track of all Credits for certain clients, so you always know where you stand.
  • With hundreds of integrations, you can integrate Freshbooks with apps which you are already using for conducting business seamlessly. 
  • Freshbooks offers easy, secure, and perfectly integrated online payments. You can get paid faster and quicker with the Freshbooks payment feature. 
Freshbooks - Payment
  • With the time-tracking feature, you can keep track of your productivity and see how much time you spend on doing a specific task. 
Time Tracking
  • Freshbooks makes team management and assigning tasks easy. You can organize projects, assign tasks to your team members, review progress, and easily organize invoices by the project. 
  • From the moment you sign up for Freshbooks, you will have the expert team by your side 24/7. 

Freshbooks Pricing: Which Plan to Choose?

Freshbooks offers affordable pricing plans that serve you and your client’s purpose. They offer yearly and monthly plans. The pricing is divided into three plans as follows: 

  • Lite -$6.80/month: The Lite plan is ideal for professionals with basic needs. The plan covers all the basic yet powerful features of Freshbooks. With the Lite plan, you can manage up to 5 clients. 
  • Plus -$12/month: The Plus plan is perfect for small business owners looking for more automation and integration. The Plus plan is one of the most popular Freshbooks plans with all the features of the Lite plan along with additional features to manage up to 50 clients. 
  • Premium -$22/month: The premium plan is one of the most powerful plans with advanced features that help you manage unlimited clients. The plan is perfect for growing businesses that want to empower employees. 

Pros & Cons Of Freshbooks:

Below we have listed the pros & cons of Freshbooks that you should know before using it. 


  • Easy and intuitive to use 
  • Double-entry accounting report features
  • Affordable pricing plans 
  • Best invoicing services 
  • Offers time and milage tracking in all plans 
  • Language and currency compatibility 


  • Limits on clients and users 
  • Charges for additional user 

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Final Thoughts: Freshbooks Coupon

So, that was all about the Freshbooks coupon code! 

Remember, the offer ends on 5th August 2021. Once the offer expires, there are fewer chances of the same exclusive offer coming back again. 

You don’t want to miss out on this crazy deal, don’t you? So, grab your 60% discount right away with the steps mentioned above and enjoy the best accounting software at the tip of your hand. 

We hope our Freshbooks coupon code and discount article helped you in grabbing the massive Freshbooks deal. If you have any queries about the coupon code or discount, make sure to leave them in the comments section below. 

Faqs on Freshbooks Coupon & Discount.

How much can I save with the Freshbooks coupon code?

You can save 60% for six months of Freshbook’s monthly plans. Similarly, if you are going for the annual plans, you get a 60% discount along with a 10% additional annual discount. 

Can I use the Freshbooks coupon code on all the plans?

Yes, the current Freshbook coupon code is valid for all the plans. Whether you are planning to opt for monthly plans or yearly plans, you can get 60% off on all the plans. 

When does the Freshbook coupon code expire? 

The current 50% off on Freshbook’s plans is expiring on 5th August 2021. After 5th August, you will no longer be able to grab the discount. However, you will still be eligible for a 10% yearly discount. So, make sure to grab the discount before it expires. 

Does Freshbook offer a free trial?

Yes, Freshbook comes with a 30-day free trial. You can sign up and use Freshbooks without paying a single dollar for 30 days. One of the best parts about the free trial is that you do not need to add any credit card details to get started. 

Do I require to install any software?

No, you don’t have to install any software because FreshBooks is 100% web-based you can easily access it anytime, anywhere, even on your mobile device.

What happens as my free trial expires?

FreshBooks free trial was for 30 days without any charge, but as your free trial expires, you can subscribe to any of its plans. For any reason, if you don’t want to subscribe to any plan, don’t worry your data and invoices are securely stored in case you change your mind about upgrading it.

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