Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2024: Which One Excels?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are the two well-known Amazon Seller Tools. 

Both are well-design for Amazon sellers to help them start, grow and scale as Amazon sellers.

To solve the hassle and help you choose the right tool. I have featured a detailed comparison of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. 

This comparison includes various aspects such as the key differences, data accuracy, ease of use, pricing, customer support & documentation, etc. 

By the end of this comparison, you will get to know which one to choose between — Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. 

What Are The Key Differences?

If you have done a bit of research, you know — Jungle Scout and Viral Launch provide — Amazon seller tools.

Well, to get detailed insights on Jungle Scout, check our detailed Jungle Scout review here.

So these Amazon seller tools have many common set of features. However, there are many key differences that you should be aware of. So let’s take a quick look into the key takeaway between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. 

Note: To get detailed insights into this tool, I’ll shed more insights into the ease of use and features section of this detailed comparison.

The Key Takeaway — Jungle Scout and Viral Launch 2024:

  • Viral Launch Provides Detailed Insights: (Product Mining Data)

Both the tools come with robust product mining tools. Using these tools, you can easily find winning products. 

Well, to get detailed insights on Viral Launch, check our detailed Viral Launch review here.

Viral Launch provides granular data; you find micro metrics and insights about any product with Viral Launch. You get data metrics such as — BSR (best seller rank), unit margin, average rating; these are some robust metrics of Viral Launch. 

Whereas Jungle Scout also comes with reliable data and metrics (Jungle Scout is way more accurate than Viral Launch). Well, I can say, if you want to be more specific, Viral Launch has better granular data and metrics. 

  • Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is User-Friendly: 

If you’re carrying research on the go, Jungle Scout chrome extension is the way to go. 

While browning, you can carry out product research and get valuable data and insights. You will get data metrics such as — opportunity score, historical sales, BSR ranks, listing quality, and so on. 

Coming to Viral Launch, it’s a bit overwhelming for beginner Amazon sellers. If you’re a beginner, the Viral Launch chrome extension isn’t that flexible compared to Jungle Scouts.

  • Jungle Scout Is Affordable

The base plan of Viral Launch starts $69/month; however, the base plan of the Jungle Scout plan costs $49/month. 

Also, the Jungle Scout plan is power-packed with all the essential features that a beginner needs to start as an Amazon seller. At the same time, Viral Launch’s $69/month pricing tag doesn’t justify the price tag seeing all the features it offers. 

Note: In this Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch, you will get detailed insights into these tools later on. Also, you will get to know which one to choose by the end of this comparison.

Which One Is Excels in Data Accuracy? 

Getting accurate data and metrics helps you to be precise and being successful as an Amazon seller. Let’s check which tool excels when it comes to data accuracy.

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy & Metrics

As per the Jungle Scout case studies and various research, it’s validated — Jungle Scout is 84% accurate. Check the data accuracy graph generated by Jungle Scout. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2023- Accuracy

Jungle Scout makes sure all the data and metrics you get are reliable and actionable. Let me explain how Jungle Scout has a longest-running history of data aggregation and analysis. What’s more, Jungle Scout has developers working 24/7 to ensure the data is reliable and accurate and helps you make smart decisions. 

Viral Launch Data Accuracy & Metrics: 

Viral Launch is 79.3% accurate, which means it’s reliable too; however, the margin of Viral Launch’s error is 20.7% — exactly. 

When compared to Jungle Scout data accuracy of 84%, Viral Launch falls short around 5%. Now I don’t think I have to emphasize the data accuracy of Viral Launch; everything is in front of you. 

Verdict: It’s evident, Jungle Scout is more accurate and has exact, reliable metrics. At the same time, Viral Launchs’ data accuracy is also reliable. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Ease of Use & User Experience

No matter which tool you choose- interface and ease of use are the two important aspects to check.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch come with their unique interface and dashboard. Let’s see what it’s like to be getting started with these tools and check the interfaces and ease of use. 

Jungle Scout Interface & Ease Of Use

Well, Jungle Scout has all the tools available in a streamlined dashboard. To get started, let’s talk about the — Product Database of Jungle Scout. 

Using the product database tool, users can easily apply various filters to choose dedicated country, categories, choose seller type, etc. You can enter a keyword for which you wanna get metrics. 

Jungle Scout - Product Database

After clicking the search button, you will get detailed insights into that keyword and easily dig deeper. Once you scroll down, you will get different search results and essential metrics such as — monthly revenue, monthly sales, price, rank, reviews, etc. 

Jungle Scout - Product Title

The best part is that Jungle Scout even shows the products, seasonal performance. This way, you can see everything in a graphical interface, seeing a particular product’s performance in detail. 

Jungle Scout - Seasonal performance

From their Database, you can directly add products to the Product Tracker. This way, you can also track the performance, and it will narrow down more in-depth insights. You will also get to see — how many united are sold over time; this helps you track the success of any given product. 

Jungle Scout - Product Tracker

Overall, the interface of Jungle Scout is easy and intuitive. It has easy to grasp data and analytics— which is digestible. 

Jungle Scout - Data Analytics

Viral Launch Interface & Ease of Use

Viral Launch also has an easy interface, and it is easy to use as well. 

Let’s start with the Viral Launch Product Discovery. Here the product discovery feature is kind of similar to Helium 10’s Black Box. 

Viral Launch - Product Discovery
Viral Launch - Black Box

As stated earlier Viral Launch provides macro details when it comes to data and analysis. You can easily select from a range of various filters to refine the product search. You can use various filters such as — initial investment cost, sales pattern, price changes, and review changes. 

Viral Launch - Data Analysis

What’s more, in the search result, you will also get detailed metrics such as — BSR (best seller rank), monthly sales, reviews, price, sellers and so on. Even you have the option to select any particular product and get some useful metrics such as — market trends, products idea score, seasonality, and so on. 

However, it doesn’t provide a graphical analysis as Jungle Scout does; other than that, Viral Launch has reliable metrics.

Verdict: As you can see, both have an easy interface and are easy to use. However, the Jungle Scout interface has a graphical interface when you do particular product research, and the interface is beginner-friendly. Other than that, both have similar search filters and other options. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Features Reviewed!

To excel as an Amazon seller, you need to have a robust seller tool — with a reliable set of features. Well, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch come with a plethora of tools and features for Amazon Sellers. 

Let’s compared the features of Jungle Scout and Viral launch side by side: 

Jungle ScoutViral Launch
Education & Training
Unrestricted, On-Demand Video GuidePartial
Advanced learning courses
Free Step by Step Case Studies
Education & Training Features

Product Research & ValidationJungle Scout Viral Launch
Leader in Data accuracy
Product Discovery Tool
Opportunity ScorePartial
Historical Data Analysis
Search Product by Keyword
Global Supplier Database
Customizable Product Alerts Partial
Product Research & Validation Features

Launching On AmazonJungle Scout Viral Launch
Keyword Discovery
Save Keyword ListPartial
PPC Customer Support & Training
PPC Pricing tool & Reporting
PPC Automation Tool
Listing BuilderPartial
Listing Optimization Score Partial
Sync listing to Seller Central
Seller Central Product Review Request
Product Promotions & Discount Partial
Unlimited Email Follow-up
Coupon abuse prevention
Advanced keyword discovery filtersPartial
Launching On Amazon Features

Business ManagementJungle Scout Viral Launch
Data accuracyPartial
Profitability dashboard
Comprehensive expense management
Track inbound FBA shipments
Email Performance Report
Product Listing split testing
Inventory demand forecasting
Business Management Features

Table Credits: Jungle Scout Blog. 

Verdict: Well, Viral Launch comes with several features that Jungle Scout doesn’t have. With Viral Launch, you will get features such as PPC Automation and Listing Split test.

While Jungle Scout focuses more on selling on Amazon aspect, you will get a one-stop solution for selling on Amazon. In addition to tools and features, Jungle Scout also has a wide range of educational and training materials which help you excel as an Amazon seller. (To be honest, Viral Launch doesn’t come with resources and training videos like Jungle Scout). 

Finally, I would like to say that Jungle Scout has more complete and adaptive features than Viral Launch, and it’s affordable too. 

Which One Is Affordable & Value for Money?  

In this section, I’ll compare the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. Also, we’ll tell you which one is affordable and value for money. 

Both the platforms provide monthly and annual pricing plans; here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing plans of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. 

So let’s dig in deep.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans Explained

Yes, we have already listed some of the working Jungle Scout discount codes to help you save a few extra bucks!

Jungle Scout comes with flexible and affordable pricing plans compared to Viral Launch. It offers three plans; if you choose to get started with the yearly plans, you will get around 55% OFF. What’s more, it also comes with a seven days money-back guarantee. 

Jungle Scout - Pricing
  1. Basic ($49/monthly) — Suited for Beginner Sellers

The plan includes a single-user license, and it provides complete access to Jungle Scouts’ browser extensions. With this plan, you can easily validate product ideas when you carry out your research. 

2. Suite ($69/monthly) — Suited for Growing Amazon Sellers

The plan includes adding users and features such as review automaton, in-depth historical data, and other advanced Amazon seller features. This plan works best for finding new products and easily managing your Amazon business. 

3. Professional ($129/monthly) — Suited for Established Amazon Sellers

Six users can use this plan. What’s more, it comes with all the essential and advanced featured you need to become an established Amazon seller. 

Note: Jungle Scout also comes with various packages:

  1. Startupsuite for $189
  2. Entrepreneur Suite for $349
  3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp $999

You can explore more about the Jungle Scouts’ packages pricing here.

Viral Launch Pring Plans Explained 

Yes, we have already listed some of the working Viral Launch coupon codes to get detailed insights into it.

It also comes with a flexible pricing structure; however, it’s expensive compared to Jungle Scout. Let’s check the pricing of Viral Launch in detail. 

Well, the pricing listed below are the monthly pricing plans; if you choose to pay yearly, you will get complimentary two months free

Viral Launch - Pricing
  1. Essential ($69/month) — Feasible for Amazon Product Research Only

The Essential plan comes with features such as — Amazon product filtering, keyword search volume, browser search extension, global data, etc. 

  1. Pro ($99/month) — One Stop Solution for Selling on Amazon

All the features in the essential plan, you will also get metrics and features such as — monthly revenue, historical sales and price trends, competitor monitoring, SEO Listing, and Optimization. 

  1. Pro Plus Ads ($199/month) — All-in-one platform for Amazon Advertising & Sales Optimization. 

This plan has all the features of Essential and the pro plan. What’s more, you will also get valuable features such as — Amazon advertising platform, detailed analytics and data, create and customize your own automation, 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments, along with organic + PPC keyword tracking. 

Verdict: As you can see, Jungle Scout has an affordable and flexible pricing structure. On the other hand, Viral Launch has a premium price tag, the Pro Plus Plan has robust Amazon PPC features, which is something new. Otherwise, Jungle Scout has everything you need to be a successful Amazon Seller. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Resources & Support

Both platforms provide reliable customer support options. This section will throw some light into which one offers reliable support and resources for Amazon sellers. 

Jungle Scout Resources & Customer Support: 

Jungle Scout provides 24/7 customer support and has an extensive library of resources and tutorials. What’s more, it also has a popular — Jungle Scout Academy, which has real valuable materials for Amazon sellers out there. You will get seller guides, Amazon-related news, training materials, and so on.

Jungle Scout - Customer Review

Viral Launch Resources and Customer Support:

Viral Launch comes with reliable customer support. Other than that, Viral Launch comes with a reliable resource for Amazon Sellers. You will get two free courses from Viral Launch — However, I haven’t taken these courses, so I can’t predict or comment on the value of the courses.

Verdict: When it comes to customer support and resources, Jungle Scout excels completely. You will have in-depth training and resources for all levels for Amazon sellers what’s more. Jungle Scout has resources and materials to help you become a successful Amazon seller. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Which has better integration? 

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch provide better integrations options. So in this section, I’ll cover which one excels when it comes to integrations. 

Jungle Scout Integration Options:

Jungle Scout has robust browser extensions for Mozilla and Chrome browsers. What’s more, with the Jungle Scout extensions, you can easily carry our research and get valuable data and insights on the go. You can get BSR, Listing Optimization score, validate product ideas, and so on. 

Viral Launch Integration Options: 

Viral Launch also provides reliable browser extensions for Chrome. The extension is easy to use and provides much value while researching on the go. 

Using the Viral Launch browser extension, you don’t have to copy and paste data from different sheets and platforms. Just install the extension and do the research on the go. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Customers Reviews 

Let’s check what customers are saying about Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. You will get an idea of how it feels like to get started with these Amazon selling tools. 

Viral Launch Reviews & Testimonials 

Some Customer Review of Viral Launch: 

Jungle Scout - Testimonials

Jungle Scout Reviews & Testimonials 

Some Customer Review of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - Testimonials

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pros & Cons 

Jungle Scout Pros: 

  • Find product supplier 
  • Listing management capabilities 
  • Conduct product research 
  • Opportunity finder 
  • Historical keyword data  
  • Listing builder 
  • 365 days of customer support 

Jungle Scout Cons: 

  • A little bit pricey for the beginner 
  • Don’t have a free trial 

Viral Launch Pros: 

  • Advanced keyword insights 
  • Historical search and volume trends 
  • Best result on data-based accuracy 
  • Automated keyword discovery 
  • PPC keyword tracking 
  • Competitor monitoring 
  • Offers real-time data  

Viral Launch Cons: 

  • Limited features in the starter plan 
  • Need to improve customer support

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The Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose? 

So this is our detailed comparison of — Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. 

Now the question is — which one is the best for you?

Well, the answer depends on which one works for you and what your budget is. 

To conclude the comparison, I can clearly say that Jungle Scout excels in ease of use, pricing, data accuracy, and customer support & documentation. 

Other than that, Jungle Scout is a better deal for Amazon sellers who are getting started — as the interface is easy and beginner-friendly. What’s more, tons of resources and training materials are available to excel as an Amazon seller.

I hope this detailed comparison of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch suits your purpose well. Which one are you going to choose — Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

FAQs on Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch.

Which is better — Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are the two robust Amazon seller tools. We can’t directly comment on which one is good for the verdict — check our detailed comparison of Viral Launch and Jungle Scout. 

Do Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer any free trial? 

No Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free trial. At the same time, Viral Launch comes with 14 days of a free trial. 

Do Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer any money-back guarantee?

No Viral Launch doesn’t come with any money-back guarantee. However, Jungle Scout comes with a 7-days of money-back guarantee. 

How accurate is Viral Launch? 

Viral Launch is around 79.8% accurate, and its data and metrics are reliable.

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